10 Hilarious & Clean Homeschool Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

Homeschooling can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep a sense of humor about it all. But, if you’re homeschooling with kids who are old enough to get the jokes, here are some jokes that will help you lighten up the load and keep things fun.

We can always do with more jokes, so if you think up a good one, add it to the comments below, and I’ll put it in the post!

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A man is talking to his homeschool graduate friend about a school reunion they just had. Wanting to add something to the conversation, the homeschooler says, ‘Yeah…I just had my homeschool reunion. But, we do it weekly, not annually.”

Homeschooler bumps into a schoolchild at the grocery store. As the schoolchild gets to know the homeschooler, he asks, ‘So, do you have to go far to get to school?’ ‘Nope,’ the homeschooler says, ‘just downstairs.’
When a new homeschooler is asked about how homeschool is going, he’s met by pretty positive vibes and the statement, ‘Yeah, it’s going well. We’re getting serious now. Mom just got a world globe and bought me some new pajamas.”
I expelled my son from homeschool for bad behaviour, but he keeps coming back…
I never realized I had split personality. I the morning, I’m a lovely serene being. In the evening, I’m a completely different being… 
A long school day when you’re homeschooled is working past 12pm.
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Homeschool Student Jokes

Homeschooler to school friend: “I’m the smartest kid in my class. And the most athletic. And the best-looking.”

Homeschool Mom Jokes

I used to joke that I would be that mom who got a call that my kid did something “wrong” and be like, “OK, and…?” Luckily for everyone, I homeschool my kids, or else my mama bear claws would be all out on schools the last year!

What do you call it when a homeschool mom talks to herself? A parent-teacher conference.

When asked what her homeschool method is, Homeschool mom says, ‘I have no idea what method it is, but I’m following it really well.’

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Even better socialization

You Might Have Been Homeschooled If…

How do you know if someone was homeschooled? Well, you know you’ve been homeschooled if…

  • you do all your math homework in one day so you can have the rest of the week off
  • ten kids are exiting a van with matching denim outfits
  • you’re not sure what grade you’re in or
    • if you know what grade you’re in, you answer the grade you’re in for each individual subject!
  • you think about a grocery store trip as a field trip
  • you’re happy to study anywhere…preferably upside down
  • your preferred company at the cinema is your parents. Failing that, your siblings
  • the school photo has matching uniforms, but not in the traditional manner…
  • when you get to college you’re completely surprised to see chairs with little tables attached
  • you’ve got no idea about pop culture

Boo yeah!

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Conclusion to These Funny Homeschool Jokes

In conclusion, jokes about homeschooling are a great way to bond with other homeschoolers and to show the public that homeschooling is a fun and valid option. If you know any good jokes, please share them in the comments below. Let’s keep the laughter going!

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