10 Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum Programs and Packages

Are you considering homeschooling your children? It can be a daunting task to choose the best curriculum, especially if you’re overwhelmed by the many options available. Fortunately, there are plenty of self-paced homeschool curriculums that provide excellent educational resources. In this article, we will explore 10 of the best self-paced homeschool curriculums and discuss their features and benefits.

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10 Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum Options.

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What is a Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum?

Self-paced homeschool curriculums provide an alternative way for children to learn outside the traditional school environment.

This curriculum allows students to work at their own pace and set their own goals, giving them greater control over their education.

It’s become increasingly popular as parents seek educational options that better meet their children’s individual learning needs and styles.

With a self-paced homeschool curriculum, students can move through the material at whatever speed works best for them, allowing them to take as much or as little time as they need to understand a subject before moving on.

This system also gives students more freedom when deciding which material is important enough to focus on, providing a more customized learning experience than what is typically seen in traditional classrooms.

Learn more about a self-paced homeschool curriculum here.

Is a Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum the Same as a Mastery-Based Homeschool Curriculum?

Yes, a self-paced curriculum is the same as a mastery-based curriculum. Self-paced learning is used to help students master concepts in a mastery-based course.

A mastery-based curriculum contrasts with a spiral curriculum that uses a stepped approach to learning where a student circles back to a topic but keeps moving at the same pace as others in the class.

Each learning method has its pros and cons. You can learn more about spiral vs mastery-based learning here.

10 Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum Options.

10 Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum Programs and Packages

Look closely at some self-paced homeschool curriculum options that might suit you below.

Compass Classroom

The Compass Classroom is an online self-paced homeschool curriculum that is self-paced. The program teaches using a very strong classical flavor, running students through a solid Latin curriculum while also teaching using traditional trivium learning methods.

But, this program also includes a vibrant social life active through My Compass Classroom, a chat forum for parents and children taking this classical course.

Although the program is primarily classical, it also has a dash of Charlotte Mason influence which emerges in their how-to homeschool courses.

Compass Classroom has world-famous presenters like R.C. Sproul. The courses are very entertaining, and parents can do them with their children (I sit down with my kids and learn Latin with them as I find the program so entertaining!)

Compass Classroom is a very affordable program and can be used for the whole family! Check them out here.

ACE Paces

The ACE Paces Homeschool Curriculum is an award-winning, self-paced program to help students reach their academic goals. This popular curriculum allows parents to provide a quality Christian education for their children at home.

With the ACE Paces homeschool curriculum, students can take control of their own learning with an organized system that provides structure and support.

Each PACE (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) contains a workbook, answer booklet, tests, and other activities that make up one subject area of the curriculum. Parents can use these materials to create a custom learning experience tailored to the needs of each student.

Using this method, students work through the material at their own pace and receive recognition for mastery when they complete each level successfully.

The goal is to ensure that all learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in future studies.

ACE Paces is a cheap homeschool curriculum, so won’t hit the bank balance too hard! Check them out here.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers can be used as a self-paced homeschool curriculum.

This program offers you a HUGE range of electives alongside their open-and-go traditional school boxes.

If you want to use different homeschool methods, you can check out their Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Unit Studies Centers.

They offer you ALL grades for ALL children in your family for ONE price.

You can check out this amazing program (that I use with my own family) here.


The LifePac homeschool curriculum is a self-paced, Christian-based program that has been helping homeschooling families since 1978.

LifePac, produced by Alpha Omega Publications, offers parents an array of educational choices and learning materials, including workbooks, tests, and teacher’s guides. The curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of each student, offering flexibility and customized plans of study.

LifePac allows students to progress at their own pace while still adhering to state guidelines for academic standards.

Each unit includes 10 or 11 workbooks which can be completed in 2 to 4 weeks depending on the student’s ability level and how much time they devote to their studies.

Parents are encouraged to use the built-in testing system as well as weekly exams for additional assessment opportunities throughout the course of study.

You can check out Lifepac here (and maybe find it on special).


Masterbooks Homeschool curriculum is an exciting self-paced homeschool program that provides students of all ages with engaging educational materials to help them learn.

The program, which loosely uses the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method, includes a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts.

Each subject has been designed to be easy to understand and provides engaging lessons that promote critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.

Students are given the freedom to learn at their own pace and have access to detailed teacher’s notes which help guide their learning journey.

Masterbooks is a relatively easy homeschool curriculum and will be a big hit for families who love gentle learning through literature.

You can check out Masterbooks here (and maybe find it on special).

Beast Academy (Advanced Math Program)

Beast Academy is an advanced self-paced math curriculum for children ages 7-13.

This award-winning program provides interactive learning experiences through bestial animations that are both fun and educational, making it the perfect choice for young learners who want to build strong problem-solving skills.

Developed by mathematicians at the University of Texas Austin, Beast Academy takes students on an exciting journey of mathematical discovery using comics, puzzles, and stories to promote critical thinking and logical reasoning.

The curriculum is divided into three levels – elementary (grades 2-4), middle school (grades 5-6) and upper school (grades 7-8). Each level helps kids develop fundamental concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and more through engaging digital resources such as online games and animated videos. The content has been carefully crafted to ensure that kids can learn at their own pace while having fun along the way.

You can get this program as an online program or offline books.


The Apologia curriculum is a Christian-based learning program designed to help students explore the world through education and faith.

The curriculum is based on the philosophy that all knowledge comes from God, and it emphasizes scientific exploration, Biblical truths, and hands-on activities to bring learning to life. This self-paced homeschool curriculum provides comprehensive materials for elementary through high school, as well as college-level courses in science and math.

Parents can choose between traditional textbooks or digital versions of the same content, allowing them to tailor their instruction to their children’s specific needs.

The curriculum consists of modules that allow for flexibility in creating a customized plan for each student’s unique journey into higher learning.

Check out the Apologia curriculum more here.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is a fun, self-paced math curriculum that teaches children for parents.

The program, which works as an offline app, teaches children for parents using fun animations. Grading is also automatic, so parents can work from home while children do their work independently.

This curriculum is specifically designed with homeschoolers in mind and has been increasing in popularity recently.

You can check out more here.

Singapore Math

Singapore Math is an approach to math education that has achieved widespread success in Singapore and continues to gain traction among educators around the world.

This method of teaching math places a greater emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, and real-world applications of mathematics.

Developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education in 1982, the Singapore Math curriculum has been adapted for use in many countries due to its focus on building strong foundational skills and helping students understand concepts rather than just memorizing formulas.

The Singapore Math approach uses concrete examples with visual tools such as diagrams or objects to help children understand mathematical problems before moving onto abstract equations. It also encourages students to explore various solutions instead of focusing on one correct answer.

You can check out Singapore Math here.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is a free homeschooling curriculum that provides a Charlotte Mason education for students from kindergarten to grade twelve.

It was created with the belief that children should be taught by being exposed to a rich feast of ideas through literature, poetry, and music (which is a Charlotte Mason concept).

The curriculum emphasizes teaching through living books (educational storybooks) and books by great authors instead of textbooks.

The curriculum includes all subjects taught in elementary school, including math, language arts, science, and history, and additional subjects such as Latin, art appreciation, and nature study. (It’s important to understand that when we say the curriculum includes these programs, we must understand that the curriculum points to resources, some of which we have to buy and others of which are free.)

Every year students read and study several classic literary works from around the world with age-appropriate adaptations.

Ambleside Online has a schedule, but most people use this course fairly flexibly and make it into their own self-paced homeschool curriculum.

10 Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum Options.Conclusion to Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum

In conclusion, homeschooling can be an excellent option for families looking to provide their children with a quality education. With so many self-paced homeschool curriculum options available, it can be overwhelming to select the right program. However, with the proper research and guidance, parents can choose the best option for their family and their child’s specific needs. Self-paced homeschool curriculum allows students to learn at their own pace in an environment tailored to their individual needs.

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