3 Steps to Tame the Beast of Homeschool Anxiety

Homeschool anxiety

3 Steps to Tame the Beast of Homeschool Anxiety ~
Written By Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholar

My homeschool anxiety has hit an all-time high recently. Suddenly I was anxious and overthinking:

Am I teaching my kids everything they need to succeed? Will I fail them in the long run? Are they getting enough socialization? What about high school electives? Are we doing too much? Maybe we’re not doing enough!

Why is my brain acting like a runaway train with thoughts and ideas that feel overwhelming? Guess what? Sometimes homeschool parents get anxious.

I’m a chronic over-thinker. Sometimes it turns into a full-blown anxiety attack! We can’t always explain why our brains do the things they do.

Here are three proactive steps we can take to calm the fear and worry when they rear their ugly heads.

Taming the Beast of Homeschool Anxiety

1. Breathe.

Deep breath. It’s normal to get a little anxious from time to time. Deep breaths can help as can prayer/meditation.

Sometimes there is no “real” reason for my anxiety. Suddenly my brain just starts opening browser tabs of worry and doesn’t want to stop. When I’m in the midst of a full-blown anxiety attack, I focus on taking slow, deep breaths and the 5-4-3-2-1 method.

  • 5 things I can see
  • 4 things I can hear
  • 3 things I can touch
  • 2 things I can smell
  • 1 thing I can taste

Once my anxiety passes I focus on the next steps.

2. Are there any “real” areas of concern? If so, take action!

Are there any “real” concerns? Many times, for me, there isn’t. My mind was just going off the rails of worry.

But I always take inventory of my thoughts and prayerfully ask if there is an area of concern I need to truly be worried about.

When I felt like I might be failing my son because I suspected a learning disability, I made sure to tailor his education to his unique needs.

When I felt that still wasn’t making enough of a difference and I wanted clearer answers my husband and I took him for a complete neuropsych evaluation. They discovered that he had ADHD as well as Dysgraphia.

The psychologist provided a more detailed way of tailoring his education even further to address his learning challenges. This eased my anxiety about if I was doing enough while providing me with a doable plan of action. Doable plans of action are helpful for mommas like me!

3. Remember to find the JOY!

Many things help bring us joy and I like to start by writing in my gratitude journal each day. It helps to solidify in my mind all of my many blessings. It’s a great deal harder to be anxious when you’re overflowing with joy and gratitude.

Getting outside as well as regular exercise helps a ton too! Both aid to increase serotonin which assists in lifting depression and anxiety symptoms.

Maybe that’s why those nature walks are so great for our mental well-being.

Homeschool Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Consume You

We all overthink at times and some of us deal with a very real anxiety monster. But we don’t have to let that beast steal our homeschool joy and contentment.

If anxiety is getting in the way of your day-to-day life, then talk to your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. We’re all just parents trying to do the best we can.

It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling, and it’s also okay when those worries and fears are too much.

Talk them out with someone you can trust so you can get back to enjoying the gift of homeschooling.

What helps you the most when your homeschool anxiety flares up?

Homeschool Anxiety

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