4 Must-Haves To Montessori At Home This Fall

You don’t have to send your child off to a Montessori school to give them a high-quality preschool education. You can Montessori At Home easier than you think and still give your child the best start in life.

The most important part of doing Montessori at home is encouraging your children to choose their own activities and learn at their own pace. This naturally inspires your child to have fun while learning rather than only focussing on the result. This in turn gives them a natural path to creativity and a lifelong love of learning.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of doing Montessori at home, but we wanted to show you some of our top 5 must-haves for doing Montessori learning at home this fall!


lovevery kit

The Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery are now available and there is nothing better to help grow and nurture your child’s brain this Fall than Lovevery Montessori play kits!

We got the Observer Kit and my son absolutely loves it. This kit is hands-down 10/10, 5 stars, 100% recommend. Not only do both my youngest sons play with the Modular Playhouse together every day, the Plan Ahead Weather Board has been a great learning tool to explain time and the changing seasons to the boys. Best of all, the Wooden Emotion Dolls have been an excellent resource for my autistic 4 year old who has trouble communicating his feelings. Ever since we explained the Emotion Dolls to him, now he runs and gets the doll that represents how he feels in a moment of frustration or sadness. It’s been very helpful for avoiding outbursts when he can’t gather his thoughts and express how he’s feeling.

This particular kit also comes with Left & Right Shoe Stickers, the Two-Seater Speedster which is a cute little car with two peg people that is a great toy alongside the Modula Playhouse. The kit also comes with the Emotions Book Set of 3 books that are all about emotions and the Play Guide.

Lovevery has kits for ages 0-12 months through 4 years old now! Not only are these the perfect addition to your Montessori playroom, the kits make an excellent gift idea for Christmas. They are worth every penny!

Click here to get free shipping and select your play kit!

Yoto Audio Player


Yoto Player is the top selling screen-free audio player that taking the world by storm right now! It is specifically designed to give children full control over the device while providing safe entertainment and education, all while reducing screen-time.

The revolutionary Yoto Player is controlled using physical cards that are inserted into the Player that plays audio content such as bedtime stories, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, stories from Roald Dahl, Disney classics like Toy Story and Moana, The Ramona Quimby collection and more!

You can safely give your kids access to entertaining audio without removing the joy of using technology for fun, learning, and imaginative play, which is the Montessori way. Plus, you stay in control with the Yoto smartphone app that allows you to maintain control of settings and content management. You can get the Yoto Player on Amazon or directly from their website.

I highly recommend signing up for their new Yoto Club which is like a VIP membership and monthly subscription service all rolled into one! Each month you’ll get TWO CARDS that are new to Yoto and exclusive to club members. They will ship free of charge PLUS you get 10% off all other subsequent orders. Click here to learn more.

If you are looking for a way to reduce excessive screen-time (which we’ve all fallen victim to during the pandemic), this is exactly what you need!

Here Are A Couple Audio Cards We’re Loving:

  • Phonics: Letters & Sounds: Phase 1
  • Bedtime Meditations for Kids
  • Lifescore Music: Dreams of Space

Instead of watching TV cartoons while eating breakfast, my kids listen to Yoto Radio! Just press the right button on your Yoto Player once to listen to the Yoto Daily and press twice to listen to Yoto Radio. There is new free content everyday, no cards required!

yoto player

We have a red “Adventure Jacket” on our Yoto to make it easier for the kids to tote around the house all day. I feel better knowing it’s protected too! They have lots of colors to choose from and your child will enjoy being able to customize the player with their favorite color.

If there is one thing that you need to get before winter, it’s definitely the Yoto Player! We highly recommend it! (It’s also a great Montessori gift for a loved one this Christmas!)

Click here to shop Yoto Player and cards.

Literati Kids Book Subscription

With a Literati Kids Subscription Box, it’s like hiring a librarian to select 5 books specifically for your individual child. But this is better because it’s shipped straight to your mailbox. And unlike your local library, if your child loves a book, they get to keep them!

For just $10 a month, you get 5 expertly curated age-appropriate books along with cool extras like framable artwork, personalized accessories like “this book belongs to:” stickers with your child’s name on it, and more!

If you want, you can keep all the books that your child loves (for the same price or LESS than you can buy them on Amazon) and simply return the books you don’t want for FREE with the included prepaid return shipping label.

You have one week from when your big teal box arrives to decide which books to keep or return. If you decide to keep all 5 books, you get an extra 5% off your order too! Sweet!

One of the best things about Literati Kids is that they have a different theme each month for their boxes! That way it is even more fun for your child to see what’s inside their big teal box.

Click here to get 25% off your first box!

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Wood & Hearts Balance Board

As the weather gets colder and playtime ends up being inside more than out, having a way for children to get our their energy and learn gross motor skills is important. That’s where Wood & Hearts come in to play.

This gorgeous wooden balance board is perfect for indoor playtime. It’s an elegant, modern design that will look good in any home and easily match your current decor while providing exciting, imaginative, and joyful playtime. This is the best piece of furniture for both learning and development. Not only does it provide your child with endless physical exercise, but your whole child’s body will also be strengthened, posture and coordination improved, all while gaining balance and learning self-regulation. It’s also great for two children to learn cooperation when playing together.

My two youngest boys have been having a blast with their balance board using it to climb on, rock and seesaw, or just hang out and read a book in. What sets this one apart from other balance boards is the ability to move and position the seats so it can be used like a seesaw or you can flip the seats up and make it flush with the rest of the arch when used for climbing or lounging in.

Overall, we are absolutely IN LOVE with this Wooden Balance Board from Wood & Hearts and know you will love it too!

Click here to purchase the balance board on their website or click here to check out their Etsy Store. They are having a huge sale right now and shipping to the USA is quite fast!

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