Back-to-School Preparations

I'm as ready as I'll ever be--WHICH DOES NOT FEEL READY ENOUGH AT ALL--to homeschool all six grades for the first time (K, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) . . . to bring our now medically complex child back into a co-op classroom setting . . . to juggle and drive for my teenager's job, physical therapy for two kids, plus 11 different extracurricular activities (altar serving, Fraternus, Fidelis, Honor Society, ice hockey three nights per week, tennis, piano, girls' choir, voice, violin, and orchestra) . . . to teach Literature to middle school on Wednesdays . . . to co-teach Economics/Government to high-schoolers on Thursdays . . . and to teach Gregorian chant to three different age groupings of elementary students on Fridays.

I've created a schedule for each child and a master schedule for my review showing the schedules of all six students superimposed. 

I've designed daily lesson plans for every subject for my three younger students for the year. 

I've assembled master binders for each student.

I've written a one-week rotating meal plan (with a few ideas for variation thrown in) designed to reflect our schedule for the year because meal planning brings me to tears.

I've written and posted new wake-up routines, morning basket time plans, and chore charts for the year.

I've purchased snacks to earn as daily rewards and little toys to earn as weekly rewards from the Treasure Box for my elementary-aged kiddos.

School starts Monday and now I'm just praying to God that I can pull off being all things to all people in this little family of mine.