Classics Challenge - The Cutters

Goodness, I haven't written a single review for the Back to the Classics Challenge. It's not that I haven't been reading, I have! This has been one of my best reading years in a long time, both in terms of numbers and quality of books. In fact, I think I have read all but one category already (and I'm working on that last one - Ben Hur is just long!). So I've just gotten extremely behind in the writing part. So expect more of these to follow shortly! 

But I'll start with one of my favorite reads of the year - Bess Streeter Aldrich's The Cutters. Now A Lantern in Her Hand was making the homeschool mom rounds on my goodread list but I didn't have access to it as first so I grabbed this one by her. I have since read A Lantern in her hand and its delightful and arguable the better written book but I just enjoyed The Cutters so much.  

Here's the thing. It doesn't have much of a plot, it's sentimental to the point of bordering on sappy and its dated. There are a few lines that would NOT be published today and if I actually had a hard copy i would could just sharpie out, I would...BUT I loved it so much. At the beginning of the book, Nell has been married 15 years as has 4 kids. The older 3 have names but for for much of the book, the youngest is just called "the baby." And she's me. Me in a different century but me (and yes, Jude may be 4 but we are making a family effort to not call or treat him like "the baby" anymore. That sometimes feels like a losting batter but eventually it will stick, right?)...and I like the idea that mothers throughout time have the same thoughts and problems and silliness ideas I do, whatever century they are mothing in. And sappy or not, the last chapter made me cry. I've recommended it several times to other people lately. I've heard Mother Mason is similar so I need go track that one down now too. 

The Cutters is my Wildcard selection for the Back to the Classics Challenge