Clean Movies (updated regularly) #nocringe

Image by Devon Breen from Pixabay 

I have to admit, we have watched some questionable movies. Sometimes we'll put on a movie for the family that we enjoyed once (pre-kids), and then we realize ... "Oh wow, I forgot about that inappropriate part." (examples: why does the guy have to be naked at the start of Die Hard 2, and why does there have to be a poster of a naked woman on the wall as Bruce Willis walks by in Die Hard?)

But it's never too late to turn things around! A quick trip to the IMDb website parent guide, which my best friend told me about now solves all that. (just go to IMDb site and search for the movie or show title, then scroll down to Parents Guide)

It goes further than Common Sense Media in that it explains specific instances and scenes. I'm okay with most language (hate when God's name is taken in vain though), and some violence is fine, but the sexual stuff that's inserted even in kid movies is just so unnecessary! There's a section at the top called Sex and Nudity and it shows instances and describes them so you can make an informed decision about watching the movie or not.

BONUS: Many of these movies are based on true stories and count as educational history!

Check out this list of movies, vetted by my girlfriend for her family of 7 boys and 2 girls 😀 plus a few of my own. And PLEASE leave your ideas in the Comments section or email them to me at so I can check them out and add them!

All the Marvel movies (except for the Iron Man movies)

Captain Phillips



Godzilla movies (newer ones, 1998 and 2014)


Hunger Games series (four movies)

In the Heart of the Sea




McFarland USA (it says 7 instances, but one instance says "there is absolutely no sex or nudity" and then it goes on to talk about things like a married couple kissing or a brief shot of a shirtless man, so you do need to read it!)

Night at the Museum (and 2 sequels) — We've seen this many times and I didn't realize how clean it was! Sam requested it for his 12th-birthday night movie after his homemade sushi dinner. 

Pacific Rim and sequel

Pursuit of Happyness

Source Code

The Bourne Identity (and sequels)

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (we read the book first as a family for homeschooling, then watched the movie ... be prepared to be depressed afterward)

The Eagle

The Giver

The Impossible

The Maze Runner

There be Dragons

True Grit (the newer one)

Vantage Point

Walk the Line (Johnny Cash)

My recommendations:

Me Before You (fantastic date night at home movie, but the message about self-euthanasia is something to watch out for and discuss)

That Thing You Do