Cycling Around The World

The most-watched annual sporting event in the world begins in just over a week, when the Tour de France begins in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 1. This legendary test of endurance spans 2,000 miles over the course of 23 days and traverses a variety of terrains, from open highways to the Pyrenees Mountains. You can start a fun summer homeschool unit study now and be ready to cheer the cyclists on by the race opening day with these bicycle unit study ideas.

This short animated video shares the history and development of the Tour de France along with some fun facts about the course, racing strategies, and more. While the race is ultimately a competition between individual cyclists, you might be surprised to find out just how much teamwork goes into getting winners across the finish line.

Bicycle Basics

Bicycle safety is just as important on the streets and sidewalks of your hometown as it is on the world famous Tour de France course. Check out these 10 bike safety tips for kids for some great ways to ensure that your young cyclists follow safe bike riding practices.

Learning some basic bike maintenance also gives kids the opportunity to practice responsibility, STEM skills, motor skills, and more. This blog post from Have Fun Biking is a great starting point for teaching your child the art of bicycle maintenance.

It can be fascinating to learn that an item as you know it–like the bicycle–has not always been the same thing you find familiar and to trace its development through history. Check out the history of the bicycle here, and learn how its construction and use have evolved over time.

For more summer family activities, check out this Homeschool Living post, “Family Biking Adventures.”

Megan Mora Fuentes

Megan Mora Fuentes

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