DRAFT: Gift Guide: Subscription Gifts

These subscription gifts are the gifts that keep on giving year round

The anticipation of opening gifts is as fun as the gifts themselves, in our humble opinion. Even when we have a pretty good idea what’s inside, the anticipation is part of the magic. That’s why we’re such big fans of subscription gifts. Subscription services are awesome when we sign up for them ourselves, but getting them as gifts is even better. These are great ideas for those loved ones you’re struggling to buy for, who already have it all, or who just love getting packages. They’re an awesome alternative to gift cards, too! Check out our list of a few of our favorite ideas!

Hello Fresh

What's better than cooking? Not having to shop for ingredients! With Hello Fresh, everything you need to create incredible meals is right in the box, including easy-to-follow instructions and from-the-farm ingredients. 

Hello Fresh (Starting at $75.00)—Buy Now


Factor is perfect for the loved ones in your life who are focused on healthy living and makes eating well so easy! Factor's team of dietitians developed an immense menu of smoothies, juices, and ready-made meals. From keto to high-protein to low-carb to vegan and vegetarian options, they'll be able to find the perfect menu for their lifestyle.

Factor (Starting at $90.00)—Buy Now

Green Chef

Green Chef is all about fresh, sustainable ingredients, right down to their eco-friendly packaging! Many of the ingredients, from chopped veggies to homemade sauces, have been prepped for you, so you can save time while still getting the flavor of freshly-made dishes. Each recipe card and kit bag are color-coded so you can easily find what you need fast. All of their packaging is made from recycled, reusable, and/or compostable materials!

Green Chef (Starting at $50)—Buy Now


We know that meal delivery services can be associated with premium pricing, and that's what makes EveryPlate different. Each meal costs less than $5, but without sacrificing quality! They've made minor tweaks and changes to make EveryPlate a little bit different, and those tiny changes allow for them to pass along major savings. Simple, delicious, easy meals. That's a real gift!

EveryPlate (Starting at $50.00)—Buy Now


Ever wondered how celebs do it all? They have help. And you know what? They aren't the only ones who deserve to get it. Yohana is the first ever concierge service that matches families with a team of specialists to manage their wildly busy lives.The service has been proven to save some families up to 10 hours per week they’d otherwise spend tackling their to-do list. Members are matched with a Guide who helps manage their family's goals, and a whole team of specialists who manage everything from household tasks (finding a housekeeper, scheduling forgettable renewals, researching alternative internet providers), to family to-dos (planning a birthday party, coordinating appointments, scheduling snacks for soccer practice) and experiences (find a place to donate old baby gear, plan a family weekend getaway, volunteer as a family). It's all managed via the app on your phone or desktop. This is the ultimate gift!

Yohana—Gift It Here

Little Passports

Little Passports was created by two friends, Amy and Stella, with a shared vision: to inspire kids to discover the wonders of this world we share. Designed for kids 3+, with different boxes catering to specific age groups, Little Passports offers boxes filled with fun and educational toys, activities and souvenirs designed to spark your child's curiosity. From animals, art, food, space, sports, dinosaurs, transportation, and more, Little Passports helps kiddos expand their world in an interactive, fun, and educational way! 

Little Passports (Starting at $24.95/mo)—Buy Now


Tovala is redefining meal delivery! How? With the Tolva oven. This baby is a 6-in-1 steam + air fry oven that's specially designed to create the meals Tolva delivers. Scan the QR code and you're off. Or, scan the barcode of your favorite groceries, pantry staples, and frozen foods, for quick delicious results. When you feel like cooking, keep it simple. Follow a few prep steps in the app, then press “cook” to a make a chef-perfected side dish, brunch, or lunch. When they say "smart oven", they mean it!

Tovala (Starting at $99.00)—Buy Now


Winc is our favorite way to try out new wines and enjoy ones we already love! This monthly subscription service pairs you with bottles and blends catered to your specific tastes. How do they know what makes your tastebuds tingle? Winc creates your wine profile after you answer 6 (yep—only 6) questions and sends you an exclusive selection of vinos based on your answers. You'll rate each bottle and Winc will continue to tailor their recommendations to your preferences as they get to know you! It's a fantastic way to discover new flavors, learn about different regions, and always have a bottle on hand for a special evening (even if having the bottle on hand is what makes the evening special!).

Give a Winc Gift—Start Here


Book Brews

Book Brews is the monthly subscription box with some of our absolute favorite things: books, caffeine, and chocolate! Each box contains a book, a coffee or tea, and a fancy chocolate. You can select your preferred book genre from Book Brews' list—fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, thriller/mystery, romance, fantasy/sci-fi, and business/self-help—or pick more than one to be surprised each month! Subscriptions from 1 to 6 months are available.

Book Brews (Starting at $46.00)—Buy Now

The Kids Craft

An all-inclusive subscription box with everything kids need to create 4-5 crafts! Instructions, fun facts, and a unique and engaging story round out this one, and all you need is scissors, water, and time. Designed and tested by kids ages 3-9, each box also contains enough material for a second craft, so you can follow along with them, have two kiddos participate, or let your child perfect their project! Available plans from 1 to 12 months.

The Kids Craft (Starting at $40.49/mo)—Buy Now

Crooked Cottage Candle Club

The candle obsession is real! Every month, look forward to goodies like best selling candles, special editions made just for subscribers, wax melts, matches, match refills, car diffusers, tea lights, and more. Crooked Cottage even asks about your favorite scents or if you have any special requests! Handcrafted, high-quality soy candles with amazing fragrances make incredible gifts (and not just for the holidays!). 

Crooked Cottage Candle Club (Starting at $115.00)—Buy Now

Sock of the Month

Everyone loves socks! We haven't actually done any scientific research on that, but c'mon. Hook them up with a pair of fun crew socks every month from Mojja. 3, 6, and 12 month options available!

Sock of the Month ($30.69+)—Buy Now

Monthly Muse Art Inspiration Box

Jump start the creative process with the Monthly Muse box! Perfect for beginners figuring out where to start, homeschool classrooms, and artists just looking for inspiration. The Monthly Muse Box Includes: 22 different art prompts/activities on their own 4x6 numbered watercolor paper, prompt instruction packet, additional colored paper to be use for specific exercises, Micron pen 02, pencil, colored tape, art print (4x6”), and a coloring sheet (4x6"). 1, 3, and 6 month options available. 

Monthly Muse Art Inspiration Box ($35.00+)—Buy Now

Succulent Subscription Box

Not only are succulents fun and super cute, they're wildly easy to take care of! Even if you don't have a green thumb, it's easy to keep them looking great. Create a collection of succulents and cacti with this subscription box that includes a plant, hand painted pot, and care instructions. Available in 1-12 month options.

Succulent Subscription Box ($12.99+)—Buy Now

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