Faith and Homeschooling

Faith and Homeschooling | regardless of your primary decision to homeschool, bringing elements of your faith into the equation is a powerful relatinship builder. Faith and Homeschooling

Episode # 262

Faith and homeschooling, how do these two things work together? Is faith and homeschooling a part of your life, or are faith and homeschooling compartmentalized?

In this episode, we explore why our faith should be an integral part of our homeschool day and integrated into our lives. Our children learn best by example, and what better way to show our children than through the experiences in a well-rounded homeschool curriculum.

Show Notes: Faith and Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a lifestyle with learning coming easily into our daily experiences. In this way, my children recognize the opportunities presented to them as part of what we do but also part of their school experience.

Quick Tips for incorporating faith into you homeschool:

Let’s get started.

Incorporate Bible into your daily homeschooling routine.

Kids watch us; are we praying? Do you use a journal in prayer? Do you study the Bible? I created the course, Homeschooling with Proverbs– because I wanted a family Bible course with all of us on the same page. Homeschooling and faith in our family are intertwined, although it didn’t begin that way. Listen to the audio as I share my beginning of the homeschool journey.

Make prayer a large part of your day – faith in practice.

We pray as a family and still do this today, even with grown kids in the house, kids home from college, and kids who work and live at home. Daily prayer keeps our family focused on the real meaning of life – a life with God. Prayer has been answered in abundance in our home by keeping God first in our lives.

Use a Curriculum that is Christian faith-focused.

Do you use a curriculum devoid of faith or one that encourages your faith journey? My daughter and I wrote a series of Creation based novels that are still popular today. You can find them on or on Amazon: Novel 1- Missing Link Found, Novel 2- Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak, Novel 3- Keys to the Past Unlocked, along with study guides. These novels have a Christian focus, and the children are homeschooled (of course!). We also studied the creation vs. evolution discussion and studied a series I also wrote on the topic.

How do you incorporate faith in your homeschool? My kids have gone on to college and be able, successfully, to present scientific evidence for creationism in the college classroom and with professors in private. This came from years of homeschooling and study.

Additional Tips for Introducing Faith into Your Homeschool

  1. Celebrate feast days; make it part of your homeschooling curriculum. I love to celebrate the names of my children and the days on a religious calendar. You can find information here
  2. Visit places that are notable, churches and shrines. I share a testimonial about doing this as a child with my family in Italy when I toured the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome as well as a friend who came to know God through the churches in Europe.


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