Family First

When is the last time you put your family first? If you are like most parents the answer is all the time and every day.Family First – Episode 460

When is the last time you put your family first? If you are like most parents the answer is all the time and every day. Yet all family times and focus are not created equal. In this podcast, we will discuss what a family needs as well as the enemy who seeks to divide families from each other.

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So what is quality family time to you? I believe that most people want the best for their children and the way they achieve what they think is best is in different ways. It may be in time, gifts, or providing for their family.

The crux of the issue is that many dads are missing from the family due to work, and then mothers join in quickly after, or perhaps you are a single parent without a choice in the matter of working. The breakdown of the family came swiftly and without warning and it has led to brokenness, but it does not have to be that way. We’ve unfortunately raised a society of WIIFM and FOMO – What’s in it for me and the fear of missing out. Both of these are toxic to families.

For our family faith was important, and the breakdown in the family in today’s society can be traced to the breakdown in faith.  The adage that the family that prays together stays together is true but I want to add that the family that takes the time to seek a personal relationship with Christ is foremost under attack. With faith gone the door is open for all types of activities that are detrimental to healthy family life. This means an increase in porn and other internet sites that are harmful.

So what is the solution? [Listen to the audio for more details].

Here is a quick list of ideas you can use to reinforce and bond with your family. Be sure to brainstorm different ideas together:

  1. Make time for weekly family events, whatever works for your family.
  2. Everyone take stock of your schedule. Are you spending more free time away from home than with the family?
  3. When you talk to the members of your family are you looking at them or are you multi-tasking? There is nothing more irritating to me than someone who is not paying attention to what I am saying.
  4. Devices. Leave electronics far away from family time or family meals unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Faith, be sure there is a good foundation to grow from and seek ways to grow in your faith individually and as a family.

There is so much more I can say but I want you to seek your own family ideas and brainstorm ways you can not only show your family that their needs are more important than anyone else!


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