Free Printable “For a Child” Poem for Homeschoolers!

For a Child by Fannie Stearns Davis

You shall not wear velvet,
Nor silken broidery.
But brown things, and straight things,
That leave your body free.

You shall not have playthings
That men have wrought for gold,
But shells and stones and sea-weeds,
And nuts by squirrels sold.

Your friends shall be the tall wind,
The river, and the tree;–
The sun that laughs and marches;
The swallows, and the sea.

Your prayers shall be the whisper
Of grasses in the rain;
The song of wild wood-thrushes
That make God glad again.

And you shall run and wander,
And you shall dream and sing
Of brave things and bright things
Beyond the swallow’s wing.

And you shall envy no man,
Nor hurt your heart with sighs,
For I will keep you simple
That God may make you wise!

~ Fannie Stearns Davis ~

This poem, for me, epitomizes why we homeschool. I found a version of it in Favorite Poems Old and New several years ago just before we began our son’s kindergarten year. He memorized that version of it that year, his sister memorized it when it was her turn, and I have included it in the kindergarten curriculum every year since. It contains characteristics of, what I feel, is a Charlotte Mason education and a Charlotte Mason childhood. It paints a picture of freedom and a growing love of nature.

I find that we sometimes need a little inspiration and a little encouragement as we near the end of the school year remembering why we have chosen this path to teach, learn, and grow with our children every day. For that reason, I’m offering this print as a free download through Wednesday, April 14th. I hope it inspires you and encourages you to keep running the race! You can download it at the end of the post!

Also, on the topic of instilling a love of nature in our children, I wanted to let you know about a digital resource that is being offered beginning today and running through next week. It’s called the Nature Schooling Mega Bundle and my Emily Carr Picture Study Aid is one of the items being included!

This brand new digital collection is packed with 100 digital learning resources that cover spring-themed nature study, math, literacy, early learning, art, crafts, and more! It is also full of beautiful releases that have never before been available in previous bundles!

Here are a few of the resources that stood out to me in particular:

A Study of Weather

from Dwelling Logs

If you plan to include weather in your nature study time, this would be a great addition to your studies. This book includes definitions and explanations of various weather phenomena as well as beautiful illustrations and a weather log template which you can print out to make one of your own!

Printable Herbal Journal & Useful Plants Cards

from Twig & Moth

I have mentioned before that I love pretty much everything Alice from Twig & Moth creates. Her illustrations are simple but beautiful and absolutely perfect for her offering in this bundle: an herbal journal (or materia medica), complete with useful terms, resources, and instructions on how to use the book. She has also included a set of printable cards with information on useful plants, like dandelions, nettles, elderberries, and more. Perfect for foraging during nature hikes!

Lemonade Stand Set

from Cirque Du Sewell

As a small-business owner who is married to a small business owner, I love resources that allow kids to think of creative ways to earn some income. This download offers everything your kids need to set up their own lemonade stand this summer! It includes a banner, concession signs, and even an entire business plan that will get them thinking about how to run their own business.

Beginning Carving

from Wild Learning

My son requested wood carving as a handicraft to work on at the beginning of his fourth grade year, so I bought supplies and we watched a few videos on how to do it. It did not go well. In hindsight, I wish I had something like this very simple guide that includes information on materials, how to choose wood, safety, and simple projects with which to get started. Even though he has put his carving knife away, I’m planning to print this out for him and hope it revives that interest!

Ladybug Nature Study

from Books and Willows

With beautiful illustrations, helpful information, and simple activities, this little guide is an absolutely adorable way to introduce your younger children to the wonderful world of ladybugs.

My National Park Journal

from Little World Wanderers

If you’re planning to visit any of the National Parks this summer, this printable journal is a great way for your kids to record their adventures. It includes things like the history of the Parks system, a list of many of the Parks in each state, and a map on which they can keep track of the ones they’ve visited.

Spring Festival Guide

from My Seasonal Treasury

I love seasonal craft ideas for young children. This is a simple way to encourage their creative side while also giving them an appreciation for the rhythm of the seasons. This guide offers beautiful nature craft ideas for young children complete with instructions, templates, photos, and supply lists.

Emily Carr Picture Study Aid

from me!

This is my offering in the bundle! Included in this 26-page Emily Carr Picture Study Aid is a brief summary of the life of the Canadian painter Emily Carr (1871-1945), a synopsis of seven of her paintings, printable versions of the pieces covered, and a brief discussion about Charlotte Mason’s ideas and methods for implementing picture study at different ages is also included.

These are just a sampling of the items being offered in this sale (you can see all of them here)!

And in case you’re not familiar with these types of sales, a mega bundle is a collection of printable learning materials from several different small shops that is available for a limited time at a highly discounted price. Each shop contributes a product that is valued at $10-$15 (and sometimes even more!) to the bundle. These collections are then sold for just $25 for 10 days in order to give you an opportunity to purchase a large volume of resources at an extremely low price! After the 10 day sale, the products are all sold individually by each shop at the regular price. The products from the Spring Nature Schooling Mega Bundle are valued at over $1000, and once the sale is over the only way to purchase these items will be to do so at full price from each shop!

In the bundle you will find:

  • Spring-themed nature studies on a variety of topics including butterflies, ladybugs, bees, trees, flowers, animal babies, chickens, fish, weather, birds, eggs, cherry blossoms, insects, mushrooms, foraging plus many more!
  • Spring handicrafts, art projects, and play activities.
  • Spring themed math and literacy resources on a variety of books and subjects.
  • A 60+ page guide where we have organized all of the products in the bundle into 25 spring-themed studies! This guide will make using and finding the resources in the bundle easier than ever!

All of this plus so much more is included in the Spring Nature Schooling Mega Bundle! Pick up your copy at the link below!

Click Here to get the “For a Child” Printable!

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