Oh my goodness people. I am homeless right now...well, sort of.

We LEFT CANADA! We....for the first time in the history of my homeschool....are not under the umbrella of the Westwind school division. I've always made this blog for them (partially.) Will I have enough umph to keep up this blog if I don't have someone watching over my shoulder? Hopefully. I think this is a healthy record for my family. 

We are vagabonds in Arizona, but headed out on a year...two year...three year? adventure. 

I'm freaking out a bit.

First stop? Our kids will stay with their cousins while Dustin and I learn how to sail in Texas. We have A LOT to learn.

I've been crazy busy getting ready to leave, but I did do some school. We did our last science classes. 

We had three lessons about light. In the first one, we learned mostly about how light shines straight and about shadows and things (I'm tired...that's the best description you're going to get.) 

The kids made shadow puppets and Taylor made an Among Us one.

Then we concentrated on reflection and refraction. We got out mirrors and concave and convex lenses. 

At the last week we learned about the electromagnetic spectrum, and focused on the visible light spectrum. We talked about rainbows and brought out the prisms and the light refracting glasses.

I will MISS science club. Honestly, without a science club it's SO HARD to do science. I need accountability! How am I going to do this?!?

Well, I know myself and I know I will be pretty stalwart about getting my english and math done. For instance, even though we were super busy, William finished All About Spelling level 1. 

And Abraham has been doing his math which has had a lot of geometry lately:

But I'm seriously broken up about not having my community. At church, Abraham has the best teachers (who actually speak english and have a printer available to them...which doesn't happen in Vanuatu.)

And Amy Bay has been having outdoor classes that are so fun:

And Hyrum has LOVED Dungeons and  Dragons with his friends and has been reading missions (getting him to read for fun is not always easy.)

And what about my education? How will I survive without my writer's group? From my birthday, we got together and I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!! But I'm reading through it now before I send it out to beta readers.

We will miss our community more than words can say. I have no idea how we will be happy homeschoolers without them! I'm trying to convince all of them to visit us.