Homeschooling Through the Holidays – My Favorite Approach

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

Homeschooling Through the Holidays ~
Written by Jessica Waldock of The Waldock Way

The holidays are busy. That’s no secret. Homeschooling through the holidays can certainly add to the craziness, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to take a more relaxed approach to your homeschool. Reading books, taking field trips, and engaging in holiday crafts and projects are excellent ways to approach homeschooling through the holidays.

You don’t have to take a break from all learning. In fact, I’d love to tell you about my favorite approach to homeschooling during the holidays.

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

My Favorite Approach To Homeschooling Through The Holidays

We use unit studies to homeschool during the holidays. Unit studies allow us to teach all kinds of awesome subjects like history, geography, science, art, and music with a fun holiday theme that keeps the material engaging and relevant. 

Crafting unit studies around our daughter’s interests and passions helps us make learning fun for the whole family. Holiday-themed unit studies are perfect for this! 

What kid doesn’t love the holidays? Plus, most holidays are filled with history, art, and music. That makes this season the perfect topic for a homeschool unit study.

Ideal Unit Studies This Holiday Season 

If you feel anxious about crafting your own holiday unit study this year, you don’t have to! I’ve created one you can use to keep learning through the holiday season this year. 

Check out my Holiday Fun Around the World curriculum for exciting lessons from 30 different holidays, festivals, and celebrations all over the world. This trip around the world doesn’t stop with the December holidays, you’ll also get to explore different cultures and celebrations all over the world throughout the calendar year! 

Explore rich Jewish history as you learn about Passover. Then, celebrate Diwali with lights, bright colors, and fireworks as you explore art and culture in India. Finally, travel to Mexico with activities and read alouds to celebrate Las Posadas in December.

You’ll get a map to track your world travels too. It’s a great way for homeschoolers to explore and learn about world geography over the holidays. Plus, the interactive passports will keep the journey exciting for all ages. 

With holiday unit studies, you’ll be able to celebrate each holiday with your family in a way that naturally incorporates learning. It’s a great option for homeschooling during the busy holiday season.

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

Other Holiday Homeschooling Resources

We also use other holiday homeschooling resources to explore the season with our family.

For example, our Christmas themed morning basket is a fun way to start the homeschooling day in December. Morning baskets are a homeschooling tool that you can use to bring everyone together for gentle, unforced learning. 

Another tool I created to help you celebrate the season is my free reindeer unit study.

This unit study is a fun way to learn more about Santa’s reindeer this holiday season. You’ll love the crafts, books, videos, and printable activity fun included in this animal unit study.

I hope one or more of these resources helps to make this holiday season a peaceful time of learning for you and yours!

How do you approach holiday homeschooling? What are your favorite ways to make holiday memories as a family while learning at the same time? I’d love to read about your adventures in homeschooling through the holidays. Feel free to share in the comments!

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

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