How to Choose a Deco TV Frame for Your Samsung Frame TV

The final step to completing our living room in our pole barn home was adding a deco TV frame to our Samsung Frame TV! I’m sharing a few deco TV frames here for inspiration as well as how you can pick the perfect frame for your own TV.

vintage frame surrounding the Samsung frame TV above a faux fireplace

As a disclaimer, this content is sponsored by Deco TV Frames, and I love that they have sent me so many samples to show you! So I can walk you through what they have and offer you some tips and insight into choosing the right frame for your TV.

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Before we purchased the Samsung Frame TV, we had built an incredible faux stone fireplace surround. I recently wrapped up all the furnishings and decor for this space, and I really wanted to finish off our Samsung Frame TV with something that fit the European Farmhouse design of our home.

We bought some wood thinking we could DIY the look I was after, but it just wouldn’t come together. That’s when I decided Deco TV Frames was the best source I could find and had the most variety of options to choose from.

several samples of Deco TV Frames laid out on countertop

Deco TV Frames

Let’s take a look at all these samples to give you an idea of what variety of styles they have to choose from. I’ll categorize them into the design styles I personally think they work best for.

For the Modern or Minimalist Home

They have a ton of options if your home is more contemporary, maybe mid-century modern, or especially if you like a simple clean look.

metallic gold Deco TV Frame sample for the Samsung Frame TV

Their alloy line is fairly new, and you can get a variety of metallic sheens, colors, and beveled designs.  I was curious if I would like these pale gold alloy frames, as I felt they could possibly lean into the European style I was after.

I actually loved them, but in the end – fell in love with another option even more.

For the Traditional Home

If you are after something more timeless and versatile, I think you would love antique gold or warm silver.  I loved the antique white or the antique gold and black. I think these are really classic and traditional frame designs. You can see all the samples here.

four samples of Deco TV Frames for a traditional interior design

There is also a distressed Barnwood frame if you have a more traditional farmhouse style of home, or I like the burlwood or simple black frame for that traditional look as well.

For the European or Vintage-Inspired Home

Let’s look at some of the more ornate frame options. I was quite smitten with all of them, and was glad I tried all of them to pick a favorite.

two vintage-style deco TV frames for the Samsung TV frame

The ornate gold is a show stopper and especially great if you love a French-inspired home or are after something really glamorous. It’s so chunky and beautiful and has so much patina. My good friend, Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane, has this above her stone fireplace, and it is stunning.

Then they have the Tuscan gold and Tuscan silver, which are very similar.  The Tuscan gold brings out a more subtle gold detail than the ornate gold frame – which works if you want a spec of gold.

ornate gold frames for deco tv frames

To me, these 2 options look more old-world or old-fashioned, perhaps something similar to what you might land upon digging through frames in an antique store.

My TV Frame Selection and Deco TV Frame Review

It was tough deciding between so many lovely options, but in the end, my heart just knew that the Tuscan Silver was the perfect frame for our TV. The color coordinates well with the space, and I fell in love with the old-world vibe. The texture of the frame seems to perfectly coordinate with my collected pottery and textured lime wash walls.

living room with old-world European design with Samsung TV Frame above faux fireplace and mantel

Initially, I was torn between the Tuscan gold and the Tuscan silver, but after staring at both samples throughout the day, my eyes were just drawn more to the silver.  

dark and moody vintage art displayed on a Samsung TV Frame

I love displaying vintage art on the Samsung Frame TV, so I played around with darker moodier vintage art vs light and bright vintage art. That’s when I knew the Tuscan silver would go with more of a variety of art.

The assembly and installation went smoothly and were very customer-friendly. I’m blown away by the quality of Deco TV frames and how real they make the TV look like framed art. 

They fit the edge of the tv screen perfectly. It’s an amazing experience watching TV and displaying art now with this frame. The framed piece of art looks so authentic, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually a television hanging on the wall.

How to Pick a Frame for Your Frame TV

I hope that was helpful to see, but I’ll leave you with some quick tips for picking out your own frame for the Frame TV.

1) Don’t skip the samples!

The samples always seem to look different in person and when you hold it up to your TV, so don’t skip the step of getting some samples to try out before you invest in the final frame.  You can definitely narrow it down to only sampling a few of your favorites, but go ahead and get those in your hands first.

collage of Deco TV frame samples

2) Leave the samples on the TV for a day or two

See what draws your eye the most and get input from your family.

3) Try out several pieces of art on display

And that will help you narrow it down to the frame that will work best for your art preferences.

collage of Deco TV frame samples

4) Account for the frame when hanging your TV

Hopefully, this tip isn’t coming too late for you, but before you hang your TV, account for that added bulk the frame might add to the TV and make sure the placement is right for you.

5) Check out other homes with frames on their TV

Head to the Deco TV Frames Instagram to find more inspiration for TV frames. If you do this, you can get a good feel for what style goes best with the style of your home and that can be helpful if you need to narrow down your sample selections.

I hope my experience helps you find the perfect frame for your Frame TV.  I am 100% happy with my results and thrilled to finally say our living room is now complete.

Shop for your own Deco TV Frame here and use the coupon code “TIDBITS” to save!


I’ve shown you many beautiful images that I have displayed on our TV, so you may be wondering where I find this art.


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Deco TV Frames FAQs

What is a deco frame?

A collection of frames that can turn your Samsung Frame TV into a piece of art! Choose from so many beautiful frames to work with your style and home.

Is the Samsung Frame TV worth it?

Worth its weight in gold! It is life changing to be able to have your TV work as a decorative focal point by displaying beautiful artwork at the same time. We love our Frame TV so much!

How do you install Deco TV frames?

Deco TV Frames are easy to assemble or dissemble, as the pieces magnetically snap in place. No drilling holes or glueing necessary.

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