Is the Saxon Math Curriculum Right for Your Homeschooler? A Review

The Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum has been a trusted choice among homeschoolers for decades. It is popular because of its incremental approach, which provides students with a strong foundation in math concepts and skills. This review will examine the features and benefits of the Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum, as well as potential drawbacks to consider before choosing it for your family.

I’ve chosen to review Saxon Math today as I’ve heard from many sources that this program is an exceptional program and that most kids love using the program. 

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at it.

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What is the Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum

The Saxon Math curriculum is an educational program designed to help parents and teachers teach math in their homeschool and school environments.

Developed by Dr. John Saxon, it has been used in classrooms since 1990 and is one of the most widely used homeschool math curriculum programs. The curriculum focuses on teaching math through incremental development and continual practice, which helps prepare students for success in advanced mathematics as they progress through their education.

Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum begins with basic concepts such as number sense, computation, and problem-solving skills that form the foundation of higher-level mathematics.

Classroom materials provide lessons designed to give students a strong understanding of these basics before moving on to more complex concepts such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Each lesson presents new material with frequent reviews that allow students to thoroughly grasp each concept before progressing further into the program.

Features of the Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum

First off, Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum includes pre-assessments that allow you to determine your student’s proficiency level before they even begin the course. This ensures they get placed in the right level so they don’t feel overwhelmed or bored with the material.

This curriculum aims to cement concepts by practice. They continue to circle back to concepts gently so children don’t forget previous content. Simultaneously they add new ideas every day, integrating more and more advanced ideas over time.

Potential Drawbacks of Saxon Math

Saxon math is one of the most popular math curriculums available to homeschoolers, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.

This curriculum uses a spiraling approach that emphasizes practice and memorization over conceptual understanding, so there are potential drawbacks to this approach. The first potential drawback of Saxon Math is that its spiral approach can be overwhelming to students who are already struggling with math concepts.

If a student has difficulty with basic equations or mathematical operations, they might find themselves overwhelmed by the large amount of material that is covered in each lesson.

Additionally, some students may find Saxon Math too rigid and repetitive; because the same topics are revisited throughout the course work, it can be hard for some learners to stay engaged in their studies.

But, this said, Saxon Math generally gets great reviews so I feel these drawbacks will only be felt by those in the minority.

How Much Does Saxon Math Cost?

Saxon Math Kindergarten books will set you back for $150, but you can often find it for half-price here.

A high school program is roughly a third more, (but again you can find it on discount here).

What Grades Does This Program Cover?

This program covers K through to Grade 12.

Is Saxon Math a Religious Program

No. It is a secular program and doesn’t reference God, Jesus, the Bible, or anything to do with faith. If you want a great biblical math program, check out BJU Press.

Can I Use This to Supplement Other Homeschool Programs?

Yes! There are a number of homeschooling curriculum programs that use the Saxon Math curriculum as their supplement. Two of these are Sonlight and Classical Conversations.

If you have purchased a curriculum but it doesn’t come with a built-in math program, Saxon Math is a great program to use.

Saxon math curriculum review for homeschool.

Does Saxon Math Align with Common Core Standards?

No, it does not, which will be a big tick for some parents.

What Formats is this Program Available In?

Saxon Math is available as an offline program here. But, you can also find it online. Online lessons incorporate video content also.

How Do I Know What Year to Purchase?

Just do the placement exams available on These will show you whether you need to put your child in a grade higher or lower than expected.

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Conclusion: The Saxon Math Curriculum

In conclusion, Saxon Math Homeschool Curriculum is a great choice for homeschoolers who want their children to receive an excellent math education. The curriculum is comprehensive, engaging, and easy to use. It offers detailed instructions that allow parents to customize the program based on their child’s individual needs. Additionally, Saxon Math curriculum provides a variety of resources that can help supplement learning and provide extra practice if needed.

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