Large Family Homeschool Life – Week 10 of 2022

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Large Family Homeschool Life – Week 10 of 2022

A big snowstorm, a big muskox, and a big dog made this a big week in our large family homeschool!

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We woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snow and ice. I’m glad I refilled the bird feeders on our deck before it came in because the birds are quite happy to have something to eat!

For breakfast, I made these Banana Breakfast Cookies because I had several bananas in the freezer that needed to be used up.

Keian (16) had a friend who ended up staying over last night because of the bad road conditions. There were a lot of accidents due to the icy roads, so I was thankful his friend stayed.

For Morning Time, we did our Quiet Time Bible Study, and I FINALLY have a review of the Not Consumed Bible Studies to share with you! YAY!!!

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We read from Story of the World and did a lesson in Music in Our Homeschool about music from Venezuela. We also watched a short video on Simon Bolivar to refresh our memories from last week’s lessons.

This time of year the roads clear quickly, so once Keian had his schoolwork complete, he and his friend headed out to meet some other friends for pizza.

I had a hair appointment to go to and ended up getting a gloss put on my hair (makes it super healthy looking!) and had her curl it as a potential option for our son’s upcoming wedding.

Then, I ran by and picked up my dress for the wedding from the tailor. It looks beautiful, but sure did cost a tidy sum!

On my way home, I finally heard from Ty! He’s been hunting in Greenland all weekend, and was back in Denmark and able to send photos of the muskox and ptarmigan he got!

He also met Greenland’s Prime Minister in the airport!

That afternoon, I printed off some paper dolls I had on my computer from Lilly & Thistle and the girls AND boys played with them for hours!

For dinner, we had a BBQ pork roast I had put in the crock pot this morning. I also air fried some zucchini and Megan made a lemon cake. She usually does A LOT of baking while she’s home to get her “fix” before heading back to college where she can’t do as much baking. We all reap the benefits!

That night, I put on a new set of Dashing Diva nails and the girls and I watched an episode of Vera on BritBox.


I started bread dough this morning and made some sourdough waffles for the kids. The recipe was wrong and came out salty, but nothing a little syrup couldn’t cure!

Before school, I finished my Bible Study for the Titus 2 group tonight. We are studying 1 John, and it has been REALLY good!

For Morning Time, we did our Bible Study and also did a lesson in The Character of Easter – which goes through different character traits as displayed in various people from the Easter story. Included in this study is an art study, a hymn, a poem, copywork, and other activities. It is really well done!

We learned about music from Columbia and Ecuador from Music in Our Homeschool and watched a video on South American cuisine. We finished up Morning Time by reading the first chapter in Farmer Boy! We are finally starting back through the Little House books! It’s been 10 years!

After school, the little girls asked for playdough, so I made some using my very simple homemade playdough recipe. It was my Grandma’s recipe! They wanted it green for St. Patrick’s Day.

I also cooked up some macaroni because Megan is wanting Dill Pickle Salad for dinner. I let the kids have the leftover macaroni with butter for lunch.

The boys spent a lot of time this afternoon making new outfits for the paper dolls – things like Stormtrooper suits and pajamas. They did a really good job!

Before heading out to Bible Study, I recorded a video for my friend Jamerrill’s Large Family Table Membership. It is based on a podcast I recorded a few months back about how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to meal plan and how we can get back to that!