Learn to Dance Online with YouDance.com

Do your kids love to dance? Do you wish there was a simple way for them to take dance classes that are affordable, easy to access, and high quality? What if I told you that you could get that all from home? My review today features YouDance.com, which is an incredible online platform where your kids can learn to dance online, from the comfort of your own home! My thanks to YouDance for sponsoring this post so I can share this amazing online dance platform with you!

What is YouDance.com?

YouDance.com is a more convenient, fun, and affordable way to learn dance. With YouDance.com you will learn proper dance technique, pick up choreography faster, strengthen rhythm, improve endurance & strength, increase flexibility & become more coordinated. Dance promotes health, happiness, and confidence.

YouDance.com includes over 1,000 videos from seven different dance genres; Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Clogging, Jazz, Kids Dance Along, and Dance For Exercise. With YouDance, you can learn to dance online!

What Ages is YouDance.com For?

On YouDance.com you will find content for people aged 2 – 102! Children can enjoy the Kids Follow-Alongs while tweens, teens, and adults will benefit from everything else we have to offer!

How Does YouDance.com Work?

For a monthly membership fee, all family members can take classes together or members of the family can pick a class individually. One child could start on the beginner Ballet and it will track the progress, then another child could start on Hip Hop and track the progress. Then they could switch or pick another level or style when they are ready. Lots of flexibility. All the styles and levels of dance are available to the whole family. Currently, a membership allows one login at a time.

The videos are taught very efficiently, ranging from 2 – 20 minutes. You are able to repeat videos as many times as you need and you can always pause and pick back up again another time.

YouDance.com for Homeschoolers

I recruited my favorite homeschool family to review YouDance.com with their young kids to get their thoughts on the program! AK and Ki {and little sis Ellie} were thrilled to review online dance classes and are still using and loving the program!

They chose clogging lessons to begin with and loved it. Here’s a small video clip showing them in action. You can do a free trial {info near bottom of post} to see what the member dashboard is like and try some classes! Little Ellie is my favorite part.

I love that they can choose what they are interested in and that they can keep up with progress in the member dashboard!

As a younger homeschool mom, I was always looking for things like this to add to my homeschool day. Something I didn’t have to teach, that provided my kids with something valuable while I had a tiny break. Adding movement into a young child’s homeschool day is VITAL, and this is why I fully recommend YouDance.com for homeschoolers {and others too, of course}. It solves both issues for a homeschool mom!

Dance is a great way for kids to practice math skills also, in a fun active way. My favorite type of learning in the early years is the type that occurs when the child has no idea they are learning – they are just having fun! Dance is exactly that!

How YOU can get YouDance.com in Your Home!

I have an incredible offer for the FIRST TEN people who claim it! Use the code 1plus1plus1 and choose to get 40% off of the monthly price, or 60% off of a yearly subscription! I couldn’t believe this incredible discount when they emailed me to offer it to our readers!

Everyone can get a 14-day free trial, so be sure to take a peek. Just don’t lose one of the discounted spots by waiting too long to officially join!

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