Let’s Celebrate World Earth Day and Introducing WildKidsBooks…

Let’s Celebrate World Earth Day and Introducing WildKidsBooks…

The best way to celebrate a wet and rainy Earth Day is with a beautiful fact filled nature themed book on Survival. Possibly a better way would be a glorious day, where we could go out and test our survival skills. WildkidsBookSA are a South African company producing nature themed books, written by Kayleigh Huysamen for local children.


The books are filled with relevant facts, rich in photographs, wonderful illustrations and just gloriously inspirational. You and your kids will want to head outdoors to explore the great outdoors after a dip into these books!!!


Asher’s Survival Guide

There is so much to love about this book – it is by far the most outstanding book for local kids to learn a whole lot of survival skills. I am so impressed with how much content there is in this book… there is a lot, and visually so exciting. There is a lot for kids to be excited about and their parents to learn about as they read with them.


The book comes absolutely packed with beautiful spread after beautiful spread and as you work through the NATO Radio Alphabet, in true survival mode:

Alpha: Always Start with Safety

Beta: Be Prepared

Charlie: Calling S.O.S.

Delta: Defense

Echo: Environment…


Just the content page makes one feel like you are on an adventure into the great wide world. This book is absolutely packed with clever tips from safety measures to foraging, gear advice to navigation skills. This is the kind of book you can dip into but also one that a young explorer (and their adult) wouldn’t want to miss a page.

From building a shelter, to foraging, literally everything has been thought of… and the mapping section comes with a pull out map and stickers to help you create your own map of your own adventures. Honestly, if I was a kid you would have me at the stickers… and as an adult, well you might think you know all about survival, but there are lots and lots of useful tips and tricks in this book. There are knots and first aid, as well as tracking and my kids’ favourite… skat, and that is animal poo, for those who don’t know.

The book is large format, paper back, and as easy reading, short paragraphs… it would easily fit into a young adventurer’s backpack.

I absolutely love the addition of a small journal, called an “Ecology Handbook.” This is for your young explorer to record their findings, where they have been and any sightings they might have had, or special notes that they might want to remember from a specific adventure.


All in all, this is not just a book about survival… it is an educational triumph for adventurers of all ages to enjoy together. This book would be perfect for family outings and a wonderful gift for a young person with a heart for the great outdoors.


Sophia’s Safari Series: Conservation


This is a great book for a quick visit into the world of Conservation written especially with kids in mind. It is not overly wordy, but just provides clear definitions of words that you would use in the world of conservation… words about different ecosystems, animal species, different threats to our environment and suchlike.

I love the bright colourful presentation of the facts… I love the larger than life variety of fonts on every page, the colourful mix of photographs and illustrations. This is a great read to put on our family school pile of readers, we read a page a day for a couple of weeks and just the ideas introduced loads of discussion around the table.

Lovely book, it is visually so exciting, if you are looking for a nature themed book on conservation, relevant to South African students, then this is the one.


And there is More…

I love a company that invests in what it stands for, a percentage of the proceeds from ALL their sales go directly back into nature conservation and education.


And Coming Soon…

Wild Kids Digital Magazine… how very cool is this!!!


All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter for the details.


And Earth Day Promotion

Please pop over to the website and take a look at all the wonderful reading books, and natural factual treasures to encourage young South African children to appreciate their own environment and explore!!!


We received Asher’s Survival Guide as a gift, for review purposes from WildKidsBooksSA and were lucky enough to win a copy of Conservation in a Giveaway last year.