Longing to Make a Change

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Which would you prefer - making changes that you've decided are beneficial, or making changes that somebody else decided are necessary? For many years I've believed that most of us are all for change when it's our idea and to our benefit, but are very resistant to change when it's imposed on us by someone else. 

The easiest changes to cope with are those we choose for ourselves. However, we still have to find the motivation to change, and perhaps even figure out what we need or want to change.

What are the changes you need to make, and how do you decide? Or put another way - what are you longing for, and what will get you there? What are the steps you can take towards that goal?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
~Proverbs 13:12~

I recently read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, which is a practical guidebook for implementing small but impactful habits that increase your productivity and your success. One of the questions he posed for evaluating current habits is this: Does this behavior move me toward my goals or make more like who or what I want to be? I think this is how we can develop the motivation to change, and to make it positive. If we sit around hoping for something better but take no steps toward that, we can't very well expect things to change for the better. To reach what we're longing for, we may need to stretch a bit.

 Longing for a more peaceful home? Longing to give your children the best possible education? Longing to be healthier? Longing for a better job? Longing to make a difference in your community?

Don't defer your hope by doing nothing. Think about what you can change to get there. It may be a small change, but start by asking yourself some questions about whether what you're doing now is moving you toward the goal or not.

A couple of my longings right now - having a home that's comfortable, efficient, and welcoming; being in good health and able to do the things I want to do; being prepared financially for retirement. The changes I can make that move me closer to those goals include: getting rid of clutter and following a plan for redecorating certain rooms; making changes to my diet and adding more exercise to my daily routines; curbing frivolous spending and meeting with a financial advisor who can help us save and invest.

What are you longing for? What changes might help you reach your goal?

For the Write 28 Days Blogging Challenge, I've decided to explore the theme of living well and with purpose during times of change. A few years ago, as I neared the end of my years as a homeschool mom, I realized my world would change when my youngest graduated. My roles in the homeschool community and in my social circles were affected. Things changed in the workplace. Things are ever changing at church. And as my children grew up and the nest has begun to empty, family dynamics are changing. To our surprise, my husband's job ended at the very beginning of 2022, and that has brought another round of changes to consider! I know very well that writing about coping with change is not the same as having all the answers. I'll do my best to share what I'm learning and experiencing, and I'd love to hear from others in the comments.
This post is part of the Write 28 Days Blogging Challenge hosted by Anita Ojeda. Find all my posts for the 2022 challenge here: 28 Days of Coping With Change

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