Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Monday morning, my friends! Welcome to the last few days of August! I am patiently waiting for September to pull out the autumn decorations, but you bet I am all ready to go! I am pretending it is not 90 degrees outside today, by the way. 

Yesterday, I did some deep cleaning upstairs, especially in my bedroom. Suddenly, I needed to scrub, dust, wash, and shine. This does not happen often, but when it does, it is productive. The kids always know I am in the zone when I head upstairs with all my things and a Bluetooth speaker. In case you are sitting there wondering what I have on my fall playlist, and I am sure you are, I am sharing it below. LOL! When I was done, I set a few decorations on my bedside table. You know, just a ceramic pumpkin. And a candle. And my autumn books. : ) 

That is about all for today, my friends. The rest of the day will involve lesson plans for homeschool next week, laundry, and some stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes for dinner. We will finish the day with our guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette because although I would not want my daughters to find their husbands on television, I am not above watching others who do. 

Have a wonderful Monday. And thank you to all who commented on my last post. I am always so thankful for the support. I read and appreciate them all! This blog world is a fantastic place, isn't it? We have a place to share ideas, encourage, and support each other in a safe and cozy place. Thanks for stopping in!
Billie Jo