Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter Weed Nature Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge – Winter Weed Nature Study:

This week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge focuses on winter weeds.

Easy And Engaging Homeschool Nature Study

Winter weeds are a quick and easy nature study topic that you can complete in your yard or neighborhood, or at a local park or alongside a road (be watchful of traffic). Spend a few minutes this week to take notice of any weeds you may have, searching for seeds or signs of animals feeding nearby.

You can use these links for some specific Winter Weed Nature Study ideas:
Winter Wednesday – Winter Weeds
Winter Weeds and Mullein
For Southern Hemisphere families: Weeds and Seeds 

You may also be interested in reading about one of our family’s winter weed adventures: Even More Lovely Than I Imagined. 

Getting Started With The Outdoor Hour Challenge In Your Homeschool Nature Study

Download your free copy of our Getting Started ebook and complete challenge #6. You may wish to make a list of weeds you observed in winter and then check the list during the summer to see if you can add some more entries.   

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This weeks Outdoor Hour Challenge is from the Winter Wednesday Curriculum Ebook.

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