Reader Request: Time for Yourself

I’m not bold enough to announce I’m starting a new series or anything but I did ask for reader request topics on IG a week ago and got some really great input (thank you!). I typed them all out in a google doc and am going to just go through them in order, checking them off one by one. Hopefully one post a week!

There is everything from favorite quick dinners to the specifics of running short term rentals to planning family travel and more; lot of all over the place ideas, just how I like it. If you have a topic you’d like to add to the list, please send it to me either as a comment or as an email. I’m really looking forward to this!

Today’s topic: I’d love to hear how you take time for yourself with homeschooling/always being “on.”

Such a valid topic for all moms, right? No matter our specific situations, we juggle so many roles that finding time to be with or work on ourselves often seems like an afterthought.

To clarify upfront, these reader requests are not me here doling out advice, but just my experience with the topic. Please feel free to chime in with your experience and/or advice in the comments. I’ll be reading them!

So, time for myself. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably not the best at this, but it has gotten easier as my kids have gotten older (10 and 8) and more self sufficient. They are not as physically needy as they were as babies and toddlers, though the emotional neediness at times certainly tries to make up for it. 😉

Here are a few things I do consistently that help ensure that my cup is full:

  • Wake up early. Whether I use the time to blog, clean up the house, or prep for our day, having time to enjoy the quiet and be alone with my thoughts and not needed by anyone starts my day off on a peaceful note. Usually I can count on being solo from 6:00-8:00 with computer time being 6:15-7:15, then a Sniffari with Finley until 7:45, then getting dressed so I’m mentally and physically ready to hit the ground running with the kids. Even if I don’t want to get up with my alarm, I’m always glad I do.
  • Exercise. Exercise for me is equally beneficial for my physical and mental health. It’s an hour break to get outside, move my body, and lift weights. The kids know this time is sacred and that they’re on Finley duty. When David isn’t on crutches, this also serves as our time together to chat about things going on in our worlds. That fills my cup.
  • A heated time out. If I really need an escape, I’ll go take a bath or get in the Sauna Blanket. It’s a self imposed time out that I can use to read or listen to a podcast or just breathe without anyone asking me anything.

Bedtime used to be on the list, but we’re getting to a phase where the kids’ bedtimes and mine are fairly close. They usually head to bed around 8:30 and pop their heads out intermittently to use the bathroom or fill up their waters, settling down by about 9:00. We go to bed around 9:30/10:00 so while it is a great hour to decompress, it’s not much and I’m usually just zoned out, worn out from the day.

However, being a wife and mom is what I’ve always wanted in life so in the moments I feel stretched too thin, I go to gratitude. Not the gut punching sentiments of “soon enough they’ll be grown and gone,” but just the simple “I’m living my dream.” And then perhaps I suggest watching a movie and soak in the big hugs and cheers I receive and savor the couple hours to mentally check out 😉

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OK, please tell me how you find time to fill your cup!
Do you get enough alone time?
Were there ages/phases that felt more demanding to you?