Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum REVIEW for Homeschools

When it comes to homeschooling, finding the right curriculum can be a challenge. Teaching Textbooks is one of the most popular choices for math education in homeschools. It was developed with an easy-to-use format that not only helps students learn but also teaches them to boot! This article provides an in-depth review of the Teaching Textbooks curriculum and its features to help you decide if it’s right for your homeschool family.

Today I’ve chosen to do a curriculum review on this product as I’ve heard many good things about Teaching Textbooks. Initially, I started reviewing the program as it transitioned from one version to another. It was a disaster, and I abandoned the review.

But, since then, I’ve heard so many good things about this program that I’ve re-started my look into the math curriculum.

So, let’s start!

Teaching Textbooks math curriculum.

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What is the Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Curriculum?

The Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Math Curriculum is one of the most popular math curricula for homeschoolers and other families who want to teach their children math effectively and engagingly.

From Grade 3 to Grade 12, this program offers a variety of courses that can help students learn the fundamentals of mathematics.

Not only does Teaching Textbooks feature interactive, animated, and fun lessons, but it also provides convenient grading options for parents who may not have the time to grade each assignment manually.

This makes it a good option for parents who have to work full-time.

With Teaching Textbooks, you can track progress and view reports online with just a few clicks.

On top of automatically grading everything, Teaching Textbooks teaches students their curriculum for you, reducing one-on-one teaching time.

Its new 4.0 version is available as an app so students can do their work anywhere – online, offline, at the grocery store, or when they’re camping.

You can use Teaching Textbooks in a school or homeschool, but TT was initially made for homeschool use (such as its offline feature so kids can sit in the car waiting for mom to do the groceries while doing their math work on their devices).

Benefits and Features of the Teaching Textbooks Curriculum

This powerful program has several benefits and features that make it an excellent choice for students of all ages.

With Teaching Textbooks, students can learn at their own pace in a fun environment with engaging graphics and music.

And since all the instruction is online (with the app version), parents won’t have to worry about updating materials or keeping track of physical textbooks. Students can work through lessons anytime, anywhere, on any device without internet access.

What Grades Does this Curriculum Offer?

This program doesn’t offer preschool through to Grade 2. So you’ll have to find a different curriculum (such as BJU Press) to teach these grades. After that, TT offers you Grades 3 to Grade 12.

How Much Does Teaching Textbooks Curriculum Cost

Teaching Textbooks varies in cost depending on the year you are purchasing them. At the time of writing, TT costs:

  • $43.08 for Math 3, Math 4, and Math 5 each – $3.59 per month
  • $55.08 for Math 6 and Math 7 each – $4.59 per month
  • $67.08 for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus each – $5.59 per month

I have a large family. Will they give me a discount?

Yes. This program offers a Large Family Discount Plan here. This is a good option if you have between four and eight children who will be using TT.

Should I Purchase a Grade Up?

Do the placement tests before you decide what grade to place your child in. I say this because I’ve read a lot of Teaching Textbooks reviews that talk about purchasing a more advanced level than the one your child would be in at school.

As such, you need to be aware that, for example, Level 4 of Teaching Textbooks isn’t necessarily Grade 4 of a regular homeschool math curriculum. 

What Homeschooling Method Does This Program Use?

Teaching Textbooks seems to use the traditional method of education.

Does This Curriculum Include All Subjects?

No. It is just a math curriculum.

Can I Use This to Supplement Another Homeschool Curriculum?

Yes, it can be used to supplement curriculum programs like Sonlight and the Robinson curriculum that don’t come with inbuilt math programs.

Does Teaching Textbooks Have Placement Tests?

Yes. It’s a good idea to do the placement tests as many parents find that their child should be placed in a higher grade than they expect.

Is this Program Self-Paced?

Yes! Teaching Textbooks allows children to complete their math program at their own pace.

But, if children want to move to the next grade, parents have to purchase the next grade. 

Are There Any Drawbacks to This Curriculum?

The Teaching Textbooks curriculum has become a popular choice for homeschoolers and families looking for an alternative to the standard classroom setting. However, there are a few drawbacks associated with this educational program that parents should consider before choosing it for their children.

One of the primary drawbacks of Teaching Textbooks is that while the audio/visual aspect of this curriculum may work well for some students, others may find it too technical or cluttered.

The lack of tactile learning opportunities could be a disadvantage in some cases since tactile activities help strengthen understanding and retention of subject material in many cases.

This said, perhaps the advantages of Teaching Textbooks outweigh its disadvantages 🙂

Can I Switch Between Grade Levels?

No. Because you purchase the content in an entire grade year, you will need to buy another grade level to advance to a higher course.

Where Can I Purchase This Program?

You can purchase this program at Teachingtextbooks.com

Other Curriculum Programs Like Teaching Textbooks

Are there any other curriculum programs like Teaching Textbooks?

Yes, there are a number of them.

I did some research and people who look at TT are often also looking into the following curriculum programs:

Not sure what these programs are?

I’ll break them down for you briefly in the following section.

Teaching Textbooks Vs Other Curricula

Saxon Math vs. Teaching Textbooks

Saxon Math and Teaching Textbooks both offer online and offline teaching material. Teaching Textbooks seems to be more focused on relieving parents from having to teach children themselves, whereas Saxon Math requires a parent’s help a little more.

Saxon Math has been around for a longer time and is a fine-tuned machine. This said Saxon Math has recently changed to align with Common Core standards. I’ve read reviews by parents that doing this has dropped the standard of the curriculum.

Math-U-See vs Teaching Textbooks

Math-U-See teaches using video (DVDs), workbooks and manipulatives. It is a mastery-based course. This means students move on once they have mastered a concept, or they can stay on that topic until it is learned. Math-U-See is also not teacher-intensive (which makes it similar to TT).

Singapore Math vs Teaching Textbooks

Very simply, Singapore Math is a very rigorous and demanding math curriculum. It will undoubtedly give you kids who know their math inside and out. But it can be pretty tricky and is more difficult than TT.

Parents will also need to be involved if they decide to use Singapore Math, so it’s not something you want to pick unless you have time to assist your student.

If you, however, have a student who wants a math challenge, then Singapore Math may be the better choice.

CTC Math vs Teaching Textbooks

CTC Math is a very sensory-based curriculum and aims to use manipulatives to help students understand the program (TT also uses manipulatives). CTC Math also uses very short videos to help cement math concepts.

It is a newer program compared to TT.

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Is Teaching Textbooks Accredited?

No. That’s because homeschool curriculum can’t be accredited. Only online schools can be.

However, Teaching Textbooks are used by Seaton College, an accredited program. This means you know the content is accredited elsewhere and offers a complete math curriculum.

Teaching Textbooks math curriculum.How Popular is the Teaching Textbooks Program?

Sometimes I like to know how popular a program is before I buy it. I feel popularity is some vote for a program, although it doesn’t say everything about it. It also means I can find a lot of material online showing whether the program is good or not.

So, I discovered TT gets googled about 22,000 times a month, making it a relatively well-known math program.

Can You Look at Samples of the Curriculum Before Buying?

Yes. You can get 15 lessons for free.

This allows you to sample the first 15 lessons of any course you like to see if it’s right for you.

Can I Get a Free Trial of This Curriculum or a Moneyback Guarantee?

You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee and 15 free sample lessons to see if the course is right for you.

What Format Does This Program Come In?

TT comes in different formats. These are the online app and the physical CDs and books. The former is the more popular option and seems to be the product the company pushes most.

Online and Offline

It is available as an app, but you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use it. You can do their 4.0 version entirely on the computer or another device. The new 4.0 version even has a scratchpad, so you don’t need to carry a workbook around if you want to jot down a sum.

Physical CDs and Books

The Teaching Textbooks homeschool curriculum also offers physical CDs with corresponding books. This package was produced over ten years ago, so is a little old now, and you have to check your computer compatibility to see if it will work…if you have a MAC you may have issues.

What is the Difference Between the Student and Teacher Edition Textbooks

The Student Edition textbooks contain questions about the material and the material itself.

The Teacher Edition is exactly the same as the Student edition, only with the answers in red or extra-textual prompts and other things a parent or teacher would need to carry out the curriculum.

Conclusion: Teaching Textbooks for Math?

In conclusion, the Teaching Textbooks homeschool math curriculum math is an excellent resource for homeschooling families that want their children to succeed in math. It covers various concepts and topics, including fractions, decimals, geometry, pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, and more. The curriculum is designed to be self-paced and make learning math fun for students. In addition, the digital format allows for easy access to resources such as videos and audio clips. You can check it out here.

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