Three Day Food Diary

Do any OGs out there recall What I Ate Wednesday? It was kind of a bizarre trend that preceded the now more common “snap supper and share” on social. I always found it interesting to peek onto people’s plates. I got new recipe ideas, saw how people made meals fit into their lives, etc.

I snapped pictures of my meals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week and thought it could be fun to bring back the trend of yesteryear as well as take a more full picture look of what I’ve been eating myself.

Monday was a regular homeschool day for us, which means more leisurely time to make breakfast and lunch. Kaitlyn has TKD in the evening and Hailey has soccer until 8:00, so I usually make an easy dinner that can be eaten at different times.

  • Breakfast: Golden kiwi from Costco with a fried egg on a Dave’s everything bagel with cream cheese and hot sauce.
  • Lunch: Turkey, onion, cucumber, spinach sandwich on homemade bread with celery and cucumber with blue cheese to dip.
  • Post-Workout: Costco organic fruit and veggie smoothie pack, MALK oat milk, Gnarly vanilla whey protein, and collagen.
  • Dinner: Mom’s spaghetti sauce with fresh basil (from my Aerogarden!) and Caesar salad and a glass of cabernet.

Tuesday was another typical homeschool day, but we have piano early afternoon so sometimes we’re squeezing a quick lunch in before the teacher arrives.

  • Breakfast: Sautéed zucchini, onion, and spinach with a fried egg. Coffee with pumpkin creamer and collagen, too.
  • Lunch: Daily Harvest (remember you can use my code AHEALTHYSLICE for up to $40 off your first order) Carrot and Coconut Curry with added chicken.
  • Post Workout: Costco smoothie pack with Gnarly vanilla whey protein and coconut water. Two boiled eggs.
  • Dinner: A cup of For the Biome Immunity and One Pan Chicken and Spinach Orzo. I didn’t have diced tomatoes, but the family liked this dish.

Wednesday was co-op day and we overslept, so we had a rushed breakfast. I was grateful I had packed our lunches the day before!

  • Daily Harvest Strawberry and Goji Oat Bowl with two boiled eggs.
  • Lunch: Spinach and romaine salad with rice, quinoa, chicken, cucumber, and onion and Garlic Expressions dressing.
  • Afternoon: Coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and collagen. I regretted this because it totally screwed with my sleep but man it tasted good at the moment.
  • Dinner: I had planned on making Julie’s turkey meatloaf, but the afternoon ended up being different than planned. We are driving to Maryland today to support a friend who lost his dad, so I was busy gathering what we needed for the car trip. Rao’s Frozen Lasagna was on sale at Whole Foods last week so I popped two of those in the oven and paired it with a salad and called it done!

I’m at a place now where I eat everything, which is a nice place to be. Looking over these three days, it’s more pasta than I usually consume, but pasta dinners have been such a hit for the family because as a group, we can put away some food and pasta fills everyone up so well.

What dinners have been a hit for you lately?

More presence and patience? Hard to tell since we were at co-op most of the day.

More time outside? Barely any at all.

Less phone? Less for sure.

Read a novel? No reading; it was a full day.

Less alcohol? A glass of wine with dinner, making it 4/11.

Meditate? Oh shoot, I totally forgot. I was going to do it in the evening.

Track groceries? Nothing spent.