Wise Decisions

Parents make decisions all of the time, but are all of them wise decisions? Felice Gerwitz talks through steps to make decisions that count.Parental Wise Decisions – Episode 463

Parents make decisions all of the time, but are all of them wise decisions? No one really teaches you (outside of business classes) how to make these decisions. In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz talks through steps to make decisions that count.

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Years ago we were trying to decide whether to move far away from family and friends to another state. One of the reasons for moving was purely financial. My husband had been offered a job, as a contractor, to build homes in a brand new Christian community. What a gift we thought. But, upon further prayer, we realized this was not where God was calling us. Years later we learned that there were issues with this development due to some of the people who moved in, and it was a blessing that we headed the prayers and pastoral council we received.

Fast forward some more years later and I learned through a ministry I was part of that there was actually an outline to pray as well as to make good decisions. I added my own twist to the suggestions made and I want to share some of the ideas with you here. You can find my podcast on our sister network the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network – and my show, A Few Minutes with God Podcast on this topic, Blueprint for Making Decisions.

The focus of this podcast is to use this same type of blueprint but relate it to parenting and the decisions we make as parents. These decisions can be a focus on our kids, discipline, school, or even character qualities we want to encourage. We also make so many decisions for our homes, finances and even relationships with those we love.

Here is an outline on how I make important decisions:

  1. Define: What is it I need to make a decision about? I write it down so I am specific in my focus and thoughts.
  2. Pray: Before I begin with any type of solution I want to take my need before the Lord. I want to be under God’s will for my life, but sometimes this is hard to discern or understand.
  3. Think: I brainstorm possible solutions and write them down. I then re-read and circle the ones I think have the most merit.
  4. Sit: I allow the ideas to sit and simmer. No. Rash. Decisions. (Especially if you are a kindred spirit and tend to jump before you think.)
  5. More Prayer: Read your favorite prayer book, the Bible, or journal.
  6. Eliminate: Think about the solutions you are leaning toward and think about what the outcome will be to your solution. Think short and long term.
  7. Solutions: When you least expect them! Our subconscious listens and often when we are in tune with God the ideas will come into our minds, miraculously. Often I haven’t even prayed specifically for a solution when it happens.
  8. Write anything down that comes to you.
  9. Look into your options
  10. Do you have peace of mind?
    • Peace about a decision is a sign from the Lord that it is right.
    • If you are stressed or agitated keep praying!
  11. Make a decision.
  12. Was this a good decision? If not, tweak or start again!

Talk about this on the podcast but don’t list out.

  1. If you can’t make a decision… wait!
    • Pray and continue to read scripture.
  2. Once you make a decision trust in the Lord and give it to Him.
  3. Ask the Lord to go ahead of you and prepare the way.
  4. Give all the glory and praise to God!

Making decisions is never easy. I remember thinking about buying a car and the car I wanted was not in our budget but we ended up with the same exact model that was loaner care for way less in price. This car was great for about seven years before we were able to trade it in for a brand new car that was the same model, only nicer but sharply discounted.

Remember, as a parent we often have to make those hard decisions. My Italian father use to tell me when he had to make a difficult decision that I did not like, “It is better for you to cry now, than for me to cry later.” This was something that stuck with me for years and he was correct. Of course, as a teenager, I could not see this truth, but as a young adult with children of my own it made perfect sense.

Do you have any ways that you make decisions that are helpful? Please share them with me!

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