#1 Junk Drawer Tip: How Can I Rename the Junk Drawer to Keep it Clutter Free?

Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog, I’m tackling the junk drawer. Most of us have at least one junk drawer, if not more—one in the kitchen, garage, TV room or somewhere else. I’m also sharing a safety tip you might not know: a common item that could be a household hazard lurking in your drawer.


I have the second part of the blog coming up on July 15th.


One thing I really like about clearing your junk drawer is that it can be done pretty quickly in most cases. Even if your junk drawer is packed to the gills, you can get this done without a lot of muscle.


#1 Junk Drawer Tip: Create a New Name

The first thing I suggest is renaming your junk drawer. I first shared this tip in 2016 and I’m glad to see that others have used my idea numerous times since then. (I am a little bummed that I used to come up on the first page of Google with “junk drawer”. Have to celebrate the little things!) Completely remove it from your vocabulary. It is so easy to clutter it up because we have already declared it to be junk. Turn off the autopilot junk drawer.


Come up with a better name. have fun with it and get creative. Coraccio Fix It. Seibert Problem Solver. Julie’s Jack of All Trades. You get the idea. If you name it something like that, you are most likely going to put items that fit into that category. Keep the name broad, so you have some leeway. If it doesn’t fit in that category, then that is a good indication it may need a new home!

Decluttering Your Newly Name Drawer

Let’s begin by clearing clutter!


First, release and if possible recycle the real junk. What do I mean by this? Expired coupons, broken anything, bent stuff, bits and pieces that aren’t doing anything. And don’t forget dried out pens. Why do we still put the dried out pens back? One day, I’m going to do a study on that. What’s your theory?


You’ll want to empty everything out of the drawer. I suggest putting it on some tea towels you can throw in the wash right after you finish. Take the time to give it a good dusting or use a damp paper towel or dust cloth to cleanout.

Another Junk Drawer Tip

Return things that belong in other homes, such as cards with games or tools to the garage.


Once you have decluttered, group the remaining items in what makes sense to you. This way, it will be easy peasy when you go to find something in the drawer.


I am also going to encourage you if you are someone with more than one of these catchall drawers, can you get all of them decluttered?


What can you rename your junk drawer? What real junk do you need to throw out? How will you group your remaining items in the junk drawer?


DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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