10 Dollar Tree Items You Should Buy Online in Bulk

Dollar Tree is full of amazing deals, both in-store and online!

Buying online in bulk at Dollar Tree can be easier (and sometimes cheaper) than heading to the store for just one $1 item. It’s also a great option when you can’t find multiples of the same item in-store. That’s when the beauty of online shopping at Dollar Tree comes in to play!

We’re sharing the top items to buy online at Dollar Tree that are not only great deals, but they just make more sense to buy in bulk anyway.

Hip tips to keep in mind when ordering online from Dollar Tree:

Shipping is an additional charge, so we recommend opting for free shipping to your store (if available).

Select items may incur a small handling fee, depending on your Zip Code and the methods of delivery available in your area.

Items that are marked as “Backordered” may be delayed by up to 30 days if you select free ship to store. For faster delivery, you can always select UPS shipping if you need a back-ordered item sooner!

1. Score tons of birthday balloons from Dollar Tree for a balloon arch or stash them away for all your future parties.

Score a minimum of 48 bags for $48 – making each balloon just $0.04!

Love to host tons of parties with balloons? When you buy a bulk order of balloons online at Dollar Tree, you’ll always be prepared for a party!

Need even more balloons? This pack is slightly more expensive, but an even greater deal since you’ll get almost 2,500 balloons in one order!

2. Stock up on Scotch Tape for all your school, office, and gift-wrapping needs!

Score a minimum of four 2-packs for $4 – just 50¢ per roll!

Dollar Tree’s 2-packs of Scotch tape are a long-time reader favorite, and we love that you can order them online in quantities as small as four at a time. You’ll want to keep a roll in your desk drawer, gift closet, and pretty much every room of the house!

3.  These Starbucks-inspired knockoff reusable tumblers can be personalized and would make a great gift.

Score a minimum of 4 tumblers for $4 – just $1 each!

You may be thinking, why do I need 4 tumblers? Gifts! You’ll have plenty to go around at an awesome price with this bulk buy from Dollar Tree online!

Plus, now you can customize them on your own for your kid’s sports team, fill them up for teachers, or decorate them and use them as a party favor for guests.

4. Sip hot beverages from these pretty embossed mugs!

Score a minimum of 6 mugs for $6 – just $1 each!

Enjoy your favorite hot beverages in these pretty 12-ounce ceramic mugs this fall. They’re made from sturdy ceramic and pair beautifully with Dollar Tree’s other red beaded Royal Norfolk tableware.

5. Keep your home safely powered with these 3-outlet extension cords.

Score a minimum of five 6-foot extension cords for $5 – just $1 each!

Tree, these three-outlet extension cords are perfect to keep around your home to safely power a variety of indoor appliances or computer components. A similar extension cord costs over $7 each at Walmart, so you’ll definitely want to stock up at this price!

6. Every day white dinner plates are a perfect, affordable option for your kitchen.

Score a minimum of 6 classic white dinner plates for $6 – just $1 each!

Not only will you be able to get an entire set of dishes for only $6, but oftentimes your local store might not even have sufficient stock or they might not even have the proper materials to wrap them up so you can transport them safely from the store to your kitchen. Buying plates in bulk online is a huge win!

7. These 14″ crystal-cut plastic trays are great to have on hand for the holidays.

Score a minimum of 4 trays for $4 – just $1 each!

These serving trays are ideal for the dinner table or for setting out self-serve hors d’oeuvres for your guests. They’re also perfect for taking an appetizer to a pot luck or for delivering holiday cookie assortments to friends. At just $1 each, you can leave these trays behind without any worries of getting them back!

8. Order a set of clear drinking glasses for all your future dinner plans.

Score a minimum of 12 glasses for $12 – just $1 each!

If you’re shopping for new dishes, don’t forget to snag some shiny new drinking glasses too! By scoring some new glasses and plates, you’ll have a set ready to feed up to 12 for cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else!

9. Store leftovers and prep meals with these food storage containers.

Score a minimum of 4 two-count packs for $4 – just 50¢/each!

These two-packs of food storage containers are perfect for meal prep, packing lunches, and storing leftovers. They’re microwave safe, freezer safe, BPA-free, and come with clear plastic lids.

10. Stock up on tissue paper for all occasions.

Score a minimum of 4 packs of tissue paper – just $1 each!

Be ready for your next gift-wrapping occasion by stocking up on tissue paper in advance! In addition to the bright colors shown above, Dollar Tree also sells gift tissue in white and pastel colors.

Pairing tissue paper with a Dollar Tree gift bag has to be one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wrap a present. It’s one of our favorite methods!

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