10 Great Products for Beautiful and Sustainable Interiors

All our consultants bring a unique point of view to their work, and today, on International Design Day, we celebrate each team member’s unique perspective. As your design consultants, we aim to streamline sourcing for you, our clients. To do that, we keep on top of products that we think are special. Often these products are not just beautiful, but offer some other advantage as well, like sustainability. So read on to see which two products each member of our design team has hand selected to share with you:

Jillian Moskovitz, Design Consultant

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - zina chair

Zina chair from Article

Jillian: This is the perfect chair. Sturdy yet light-weight, sleek but comfortable, I’ve owned these chairs for a few years and continue to be so happy with them. I primarily use them as outdoor dining chairs next to the table on my patio but I also bring them inside whenever I have a large gathering and need extra seating in the dining room. Aesthetically pleasing with its clean lines, the woven polypropylene rope seating is surprisingly comfortable. Perfect for long meals with family and friends. Stackable, too! I’m partial to the black but it’s also available in 5 other colors. I recently noticed that Article extended the line and is now offering bar and counter stools, too. The gray color would be lovely as counter stools in a kitchen.

down2earth Interior Design - ten great products - ember mug

Smart mug by Ember

Jillian: I am always cold. Even on the hottest of days my hands are cold so I like to have a hot cup on tea close by to warm them up. This Ember smart mug not only keeps my beverage hot, but it allows me to choose a specific drinking temperature so my tea is exactly how I like it. The shape of the mug is sleek and simple with a gentle curve at the bottom that feels nice to hold. I have the black mug and especially love the touch of gold on the bottom of the mug. I know those gold rings are there for a functional purpose but I think it looks like a bit of jewelry for my mug and I love that it’s noticeable when I take a sip of tea during zoom meetings and virtual calls!

Stephanie Ebner, Design Consultant

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - fyrne stool

Linden counter stool by Fyrne

Stephanie: Fyrn has created a furniture system engineered for comfort, minimal waste, strength, and repairability. Their tables and chairs are made up of sustainably harvested wood parts and steel/ aluminum joint pieces. The Stemn parts-and-pieces system allows them to efficiently manufacture components and ship them quickly and compactly in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Because of the durability of their pieces they also offer a buyback program that helps keep furniture out of landfills and also decrease the amount of new raw material needed. I love the combinations of wood and metal finishes they offer which work with a variety of design styles.

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - verellen theo chaise

Theo chaise by Verellen

Stephanie: Verellen’s furniture design creates a harmonious balance between modern and traditional design. They use sustainably sourced lumber, recycled metal coils and packaging materials, and plant-based foam cushions. Their Theo Chaise is one of my favorites. Although this comes in many fabrics, the texture of the boucle fabric shown here contrasts against the soft, smooth curves perfectly. I love how chunky the design is, but it still feels sleek and elegant. I’m obsessed!

Jaci Chirchirillo, Design Consultant


down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - tissue holder

Frankfurt tissue holder by Kartners

Jaci: As simple of a design as this tissue holder is, it is absolutely genius. There isn’t a spring that goes launching into 3 pieces, causing the paper roll to go flying. Simply lift the center bar and slide on a new roll of tissue. Husbands and children can do this, plus it adds a sleek look to your interiors!

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - brizo smarttouch faucet

Artesso SmartTouch faucet by Brizo

Jaci: When these smart touch faucets hit the market, I thought they were going to be the biggest gimmick…until I had one. I don’t know how people live without these. What sold me on it was one day when I was elbows deep in meatballs and I tapped it with my face. My husband looked over, confused, and pointed out that I could have used any other part of my body to turn it on. They are a game changer for anyone who cooks and indeed a ‘smart’ addition to your interior design.

Tara Kingsley, Operations Manager

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - woodrow nightstand

Woodrow nightstand by Potterybarn

Tara: I’ve been working on an interior design plan for my master bedroom, so I’m in the market for a new nightstand. This style from Potterybarn is a front runner. The 24” width is not too big, but generous enough to house a reading light, as well as other essentials like a tissue box and glass of water. The best part? A nesting feature that offers a second table which can be pulled out, as needed, or tucked away for a streamlined look. All that and there is still drawer space. Form and function in one piece is a winning combination.

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - joybird swivel chair

Amelia swivel chair by Joybird

Tara: I love a swivel chair, as they offer a view in any direction. Especially ideal for living spaces that have a television or fireplace behind a seating area, they are a versatile addition to your home. This Amelia swivel chair from Joybird shown in a pet-friendly velvet not only looks good, but does good. For every one of your purchases, Joybird finances reforestation and restoration programs that offset the lumber used to produce their products, making this a sustainable option for your interiors.

Amy Cuker, Owner and Interior Design Director

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - pasadena chair

Pasadena chair by Thibaut

Amy: I am a sucker for all things purple! Purple conveys imagination and a sense of royalty. All of the exterior doors to my house are purple. Big flowers are not usually my thing, but when I saw this pattern on a background of violet, I just couldn’t resist. You can see even more purple inspiration in our blogpost on ultraviolet.

down2earth Interior Design - 10 great products - zia tile

Stars + Cross tile from Zia

Amy: Zia tile puts their own spin on a classic Moroccan tile look with their stars + cross pattern. While you can use this pattern in a monochrome color way, I love how the geometry of the two shapes play off each other when the two shapes are shown in contrasting colors. If you’re looking for a sustainable material for your interior, this cement tile is also a good choice. Unlike many types of tile, these tiles are not fired in a kiln. Rather, they’re made by hand, one by one, using a hydraulic press. Our former operations manager, Maria, took a trip to Morocco several years ago and has had us all drooling over these geometric tile designs ever since. When one of our team members travels the world, we ALL benefit by picking up great ideas.

Can you think of a favorite source you were introduced to by your d2e Design Consultant? We’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment down below!

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