10 Ways to Add Industrial Style to Your Home

One of home design that can bring an aesthetic look to your home is an industrial style. This design is very popular lately among home designers. Industrial style is an ideal choice if you want to combine contemporary and older-inspired architectural details. The unique design offered by this house design is in great demand by some people who like the unfinished look. Through exposed brick walls you can get an aesthetic look. Exposed brick wall will bring texture to your home. This design also allows you to mix textures. You can combine the look of exposed brick walls with wood beams on your ceiling. Even, you can mix the leather material with fur accent. It is because the industrial designs is by embracing eclecticism. You can mixture an ancient touch with the modern one. Moreover, this interior design is possible to mix several styles, such as rustic designs. Incorporating a rustic touch will bring warmth to your industrial design. You can opt for to add metal accents and use a lot of distressed wood for your furniture ideas. Another way to add industrial style to your home is by using industrial lighting, concrete floor, natural palette, layering textile, get creative with industrial-styled shelving ideas, and more. These following ideas below will let you some ways to add industrial style to your home.

10 ways to add industrial style to your home1

Exposed Bricks

This exposed brick wall will be the center of attention of every guest who comes to this industrial house. You can apply this brick wall to an open living room for a unique look. This white painting on a brick wall will give the illusion of a spacious room and will brighten up this living room. These wall sconces, chandeliers and track lights will provide a charming look and dramatic lighting for the entire room. This soft brown furniture will give a room that is inviting and has the perfect contrast.


White Brick Wall from homebnc

Add Rustic Pieces

Adding rustic pieces to this dining table design will make the room look warm and inviting. Applying this wooden dining table set will give a rustic touch to the entire room. Combined with this rattan chair and iron chair, it will give a comfortable and warm impression for you to try on this dining table idea. In the center of the table, add a reclaimed drawer into a flower pot that is in bloom, this will be an interesting centerpiece for you to try.


Industrial Rustic Dining Room from homebnc

Use Natural Palette

This beige color scheme will give the impression of a warm and comfortable room for you to try now. Combine with one of these bricks is also not a bad idea to maximize the appearance of this living room. This leather sofa, comfortable armchair and metal chandelier will balance the look of your living room and give it a slightly different décor. The dark wood floor combined with this large carpet of soft fur will give a warm impression to the entire room.


Beige Color Scheme from homebnc

Metal Accents

Using this black metal bed frame will create a sturdy and inviting look. This design lends itself to industrial styles for stunning results. Applying it to bedroom décor and complementing it with a comfortable bedding set will result in a warm and inviting room. The beige color scheme and the addition of large windows will give this room a warm look and let the sun in. Wooden accents for wall decoration will also give a unique look and will become the center of attention of many people.


Metal Bed Frame from homebnc

Open up the Space

This bright, airy and spacious white industrial-themed concept house features white walls, plain white concrete floors and an open ceiling. You can apply the living room and dining room in one large room to create the illusion of a spacious room. Also equipped with industrial design markers such as leather sofas, antique chandeliers and wide open windows that will present a beautiful room design and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. These large windows will let the sunlight into the room and will brighten up the look of this open space.


Living Room and Dining Room Combo from renoguide

Use Industrial Lighting

This rustic industrial chandelier provides an opaque glow that will line your living room. With a set of two metal chandeliers and wrapped around the cord this will create a beautiful display and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. This lamp will offer an adjustable stand for your industrial kitchen design. This decoration will be a stylish and inviting room design. This will make for beautiful lighting and will create a different look every year.


Pendant Lights with Woven Rope from homebnc

Apply a lot of Distressed Wood

If you want to give a natural impression to your living room, applying this coffee table will make the room decoration stylish and steal the attention of many people. Opting for distressed wood and adding metal wheels makes this look beautiful. Its simple design Gives a rustic and industrial feel which is very popular and trendy nowadays. Making your own will save your budget and will increase your creativity.


Distressed Wood Coffee Table from homebnc.

Concrete Floor

The industrial design in this home decoration using a concrete floor will give a beautiful appearance and look more sturdy. This concrete wall also balances the look of this open living room and creates a different design for the room. In monochromatic black, gray and white, the interior features exposed steel straps and plenty of black accents – steel steps and mesh railings, sleek chairs and black lighting fixtures. These large floor-to-ceiling windows will let the sunlight into the house and will make your room brighter.


Concrete Floor from renoguide

Mix Up Materials and Textures

This cozy loft living room features key elements of an industrial interior with the right touch of textures and materials. This leather sofa and soft fur rug make the perfect room decor and will make you feel at home for long. Opting for sleek brick walls, wood beams, and steel accents would make for the perfect style for this guest’s money. The style is enhanced with staircase accents, and potted plants to create a beautiful and attractive display.


Leather Sofa and Fur Rug from renoguide

Get Creative with Your Shelving

Space saving and functional This outstanding and striking kitchen décor design will give it a clean and tidy look. Implementing a sleek black metal hanging shelf over this kitchen island provides ample storage and organizing space that is also very accessible. On this shelf you can add spotlights that will give a unique look and provide a stylish design. On this shelf you can store various cutlery and some potted greenery to give the room a neat and orderly design.


Hanging Shelf Storage from renoguide