103 Parents Having A Worse Day Than You

Let’s all just give a big round of applause to all parents who dedicated their 18 years (or rather, their whole lives) to professionally taming a little daredevil, and often not one but two or three, or more. With bloodshot eyes and not much fuel left in their tank, moms, dads and caregivers keep surprising us all with their sheer level of resilience, straight face, and even a smile.

Because raising kids is not for the faint-hearted. So in order to remind us of that, Bored Panda compiled a collection of posts where kids made their parents' day really miserable.

So that your coffee stain, lost keys and really important email sent out to the wrong address won’t feel so bad!

#1 And This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Go In The Bathroom Together With You

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#2 Golden Advice For Parents

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#3 It Wasn’t Even Double Stuffed

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#4 Just Brilliant

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#5 Kids Are Having Fun With Friends So A Neighbor Reported To HOA That They Must Be Running A Childcare

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#6 She Tought This Was "White Water"

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#7 This Kid At Lowes

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#8 Kid Buys Farts From Amazon

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#9 It's Amazing How Unhelpful Kids Can Be While Trying So Very Hard To Be Helpful

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#10 Identically Unperturbed By What They Did To Themselves With The Clippers At 5AM

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#11 Kids, Sharpies, And A Dalmatian Makes For Interesting Times

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#12 While The World Is Fighting Over Toilet Paper, My Toddler Is Giving Ours A Bath

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#13 A Bit Creepy

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#14 Sounds Like A Great Start Of The Day

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#15 Thanks, Nickelodeon Slime

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#16 My Nephew Wanted A Portrait Of George Washington. Thank Goodness He Didn’t Want A Portrait Of Ben Franklin

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#17 Honey, I Cheated On You

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#18 Something You Can't Put On The Fridge

#19 How

#20 My Kid Swallowed A Penny While Showing His Little Brother How He Accidentally Swallowed A SIM Key The Day Before

Image credits: StumpedatUserName

#21 Son Decided To Swallow A Nickel And Turn $.05 Into $4400.00

Image credits: Kingsdontbeg

#22 There Was A Friggin Gecko Hiding In My Son's Toy Spider

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#23 What My Aunt Encountered When She Went To Pour Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks

Image credits: carbornz

#24 Wrangled All The Seats Put Of The Minivan, Got 30 Seconds Into My Vacuuming When Suddenly It Shuts Off And A Kid Starts Crying. Kid Was Fine

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#25 Little Mischief

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#26 I Complimented My Wife On The Design On The Back Of Her Dress Not Realizing It Was Our Son's Puke

Image credits: adamdgriffith

#27 Just Watched A Kid In My Apartment Lobby Get Excited About Seeing His Dad Outside, Run Face-First Into The Glass Panel, And Crack It

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#28 Sorry Dad, Sister Did It

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#29 Sigh

Image credits: 8slipknot8

#30 Mom, I Swear It Wasn't Me

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#31 My Kid Got Her Fingers Stuck In A Bench At School And The Bench Rode With Her To The ER. Yes, She Is Alright. Yes, We Kept The Bench Seat

Image credits: 1Wineodino

#32 My Toddler Squeezed A Bottle Of Powdered Creamer Until It Exploded In Her Face… Now Creamer Is Continuously Draining Out Of Her Nose

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#33 My Five-Year-Old Daughter Cut Holes In Her Socks Just In Case Her Feet Get Hot

Image credits: GypsyCub

#34 2-Year-Old Put Crayons In The Dishwasher. There's No Coming Back From That

Image credits: CharmingTuber

#35 Kid Hung Up The Wet Wipes To Allow Them To Dry

Image credits: thinkingbell955

#36 My 14-Year-Old Daughter Decided To Stir The Smoothie With A Metal Spoon. While The Blender Was Still Blending

Image credits: DrByNight

#37 My Son Said He Was Hot And Wanted Ice Cream. This Is Not What I Expected

Image credits: PotentialApathy

#38 To Top It Off, It Was On Her Husband's Credit Card

Image credits: BigPimpin91

#39 Now That’s Just A Little Scary

Image credits: HelenhCarr

#40 My Toddler And I Walked To The Park... Just To Find That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

Image credits: maaalicelaaamb

#41 I Tried To Bake My Daughter A Birthday Cake But I Made A B-Hole Instead

Image credits: Lillies4Lilly

#42 Could've Leaked Those Spicy Brian Nudes

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#43 Raising Kids Is So Much Fun

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#44 Drove 45 Mins To The Store Thinking I Had My Mask In My Pocket. It Was A Baby Sock

Image credits: zoltrules

#45 Accidentally Spilled Coffee Grounds On The Floor... And All Over My Child

Image credits: sheriffduwayne

#46 I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

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#47 Fortnite

Image credits: _MamaTosha

#48 My Son Was So Excited To Show Me The Art He Drew On My Car With A Rock

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#49 My Daughter Used A Plastic Cutting Board For A Pizza Pan

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#50 All Fun And Games Until The Hypothermia Sets In

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#51 My 3-Year-Old Insisted On Making Me Breakfast

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#52 If It Fits, It Goes In The Drain

Image credits: ladyjriggs

#53 In Case You Were Wondering, This Is What It Looks Like When A Diaper Makes It’s Way Into The Wash... Been Scooping This Goo-Snow Stuff Out For Half An Hour Now

Image credits: Technical-Fee9727

#54 Wife’s Friend Was Convinced There Was Ghost Baby In Her Daughter’s Crib. Turns Out Dad Forgot To Remove The Mattress Sticker.

Image credits: Fish_Lung

#55 Poor Dad

Image credits: LoLmAsTeR999

#56 When It's Date Night With Your Husband And You Sneak A Peak Into The Kid's Room To See If She Is Sleeping

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#57 First Night Of Vacation And We Go To Pull Out The Sofa Bed For The Kids, Hear A Loud Crunching Sound. Son’s iPhone Got Caught In Hinges Of Bed Frame

Image credits: flippity_dippity_doo

#58 Sprained My Ankle And Decided To Skip The Doctor Visit. In The Darkness Walked Into My Kids’ Trampoline And Broke The Toe On The Other Foot. My Nurses Were Very Impressed

I stayed up late that night because of the pain.

Image credits: MellyMel916

#59 Had A Sneezing Attack (Not Sick) And My Daughter Made Me A “Potion” To Feel Better

Image credits: pewnanner

#60 Kid Sleeps With His Pet Goldfish

"I cannot make this stuff up! We put Everett to bed and we’re in the living room watching a movie and heard a noise in Everett’s room so we called him out there and he said it was his drawer that made the noise. So I get up like 10-15 mins later to go pee and look in his room and see his little chair up to his dresser and the lid off his fish tank on the ground and the light in the water and I’m like Corey the lid is off his tank and I can’t find the fish (Everett is asleep at this point) Corey walks in there and this is what we find"

Image credits: Tori Hamlin

#61 Where In The Dad Manual Did It Mention How To Stop A 3-Year-Old From Taking Bites Out Of Dry Wall?

Image credits: kittiekat1018

#62 They Are So Literal Aren’t They?

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#63 Getting HFM Disease From Your Toddler Isn’t Fun - I Thought It Was Supposed To Be Rare That Adults Contract It

Image credits: interwebtroller

#64 Told My Son To Put A Soda In The Fridge. He Put It In The Freezer

Image credits: IamNotaMonkeyRobot

#65 My 2 Year Old Son Was Playing With His Harry Potter Wand. Come Home From A Long Day Of Work To Find Out Numb Nuts Abracadabra’d The Heck Out The TV

Image credits: ShakaZuluYourMom

#66 My Kids Tore A Hole In A Beanbag Chair And Tons Of Static-Charged Styrofoam Balls Went Everywhere

Image credits: jmc0889

#67 Kid Spilled Paint While Carrying The Paint Can. Now We Have To Live With Black

Image credits: Secvndvs

#68 Kid Opened Otherwise Perfectly Sorted Art Supplies Upside Down

Image credits: rayellenk

#69 Moved The Flour Away From The Kid So He Wouldn't Make A Mess. And I Knocked It Off The Counter With My Elbow

Image credits: SubrinaSky

#70 Just Had My Car Detailed And My Kid Was Sick

Image credits: Princess_Reason

#71 Just A Reminder. Hide All Of Your Devices

Image credits: danithedan

#72 My Kids Are Currently Playing IRL Among Us. I Only Have 2 Children

Image credits: rodcurran556

#73 The Pan I Use To Make Her Favorite Food Got Broken And She Was Convinced We Would Never Be Able To Eat It Again

Image credits: blakesmate

#74 He Is Going To Be A CEO Some Day Soon

Image credits: mommajessiec

#75 It's Always Possible To Love Someone And Hate Them At The Same Time

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#76 I’m A Monster

Image credits: pro_worrier_

#77 People Without Kids Who Think They Know What Anger Is, That’s Adorable

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#78 Stole One Of These Candies From My Kid’s Christmas Stash, Learned The Hard Way They’re Actually Individually Wrapped Soaps

Image credits: MichelleS2323

#79 One Of My Kids Brought Poison Ivy Into The House, Now My Hands Look Like This. Every Bump Is A Blister

Image credits: trevdak2

#80 My Kid Let The Upstairs Bathtub Overflow Without Telling Me. I Found Out When I Heard The Water Hitting The Floor In The Kitchen

Image credits: randomsnowflake

#81 My Kid Hid A Book With His Laundry, It Disintegrated And Ruined All The Clothes

Image credits: GTheForeignGamer

#82 AirPods Went Missing. Turns Out My Kid Buried Them In The Back Yard

Image credits: Limp_Pie1219

#83 Never Have Children

Image credits: SoDakZak

#84 When People Ask What It’s Like Having Kids, I Just Show Them This

Image credits: wirlybirdy

#85 Kids Learned A Couple New Words Today

Image credits: NotoriousArcher

#86 I’m Being Over Charged By Insurance After My Daughter Was Born. This Is The Pile Of Mail I Have To Go Through To Prove They’re Ripping Me Off. Pear For Scale

Image credits: ethicalgreyarea

#87 I’m Having A My-Kid-Puked-In-My-Prosthetic-Foot Day. You?

She immediately declared that she felt %100 better, while I just stood there trying to figure out how best to remove the mess.

Image credits: Fishwhispersandgiggles

#88 My Son Called Today To Let Me Know The Can Opener Broke

Image credits: The_Name-Checks_Out

#89 My Daughter Took Me Roller Skating Yesterday For Mother’s Day

Image credits: lateralus1075

#90 Tried To Order A Custom Shirt Showing My Love For My Son’s Favorite Cartoon Character. Apparently I Forgot To Remove The Placeholder Text I Added To The Back While Designing It

Image credits: MrCalebL

#91 Headed To The Airport And Half Way There Looked Down. Thanks For The Father’s Day Gift, Kids, The Slippers Are Very Comfortable

I guess I’m doing some shoe shopping at my destination.

Image credits: naurugger

#92 Kids Decided To Prank Me By Hiding A Permanent Marker Along With A Set Of Temporary Tattoo Ones. Peter Griffin Will Be With Me For A While

Image credits: fcheung32

#93 My Kid Decided To Hit Baseballs Toward The House

Image credits: naurugger

#94 Kids Were Fighting Over My Wife's Phone

Image credits: SaltySeaDodger

#95 Looks Like One Of My Kid's Friends Decided To Take A Handful Of Butter Without Me Realizing It Before Using It On My Bagel This Morning. Various Sicknesses, Here I Come

Image credits: movieking

#96 I Left My Son's Switch On The Cooker. He Got This For Christmas

Image credits: Sjcbxo

#97 That Time My Son Dropped His Kindle Fire On The Way Out Of The Doctor’s Office

Image credits: dontexpect2much

#98 Just Finished Painting My Kids’ Playroom Yesterday

Image credits: Dankaay

#99 I’ve Been Waiting For This For About 2000 Miles. My Kids Decided To Pick Mile 55-57 To Pinch And Kick Each Other. I Looked Down Afterwards To See This

Image credits: phadewilkilu

#100 Right Now Some Parent Is Getting Their Child Out Of The Mini Van Saying “Where The Hell Is Your Other Shoe??”

Image credits: kili19

#101 My Son Is Teething

Image credits: Ferity2

#102 Was Craving My Leftover Fajitas For Lunch Today. Looks Like My Teenage Son Beat Me To Them And Ate Everything But The Peppers

Image credits: Toledojoe

#103 This Mom Who...well, I Don't Need To Do Any Explaining Here:

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