104 Thanksgiving Disasters That Make You Think ‘Thank God, It’s Not Me’

Buckle up, everyone, we’re about to have a Thanksgiving ride! The title speaks for itself. Call it a seasonal family comedy drama with action elements and a totally unpredictable ending.

Introverts may take it as a horror movie, thanks to the four walls without a possibility to exit and a bunch of people throwing ‘what are you doing with your life’-sorta questions at you. For those who are introducing their partners to the family, it may feel like a romantic movie until an uncle makes an inappropriate comment. But for the most part it’s a wild cooking show with special effects. Just think of how many charcoal turkeys, shattered ovens, dropped pumpkin pies, and whatnot there will be across the country. I'll just leave it here.

For those wondering how come we still love Thanksgiving so much, it’s basically the only thing that gets our families together. We may argue over politics, vaccines, housing prices, and whatnot, but hey, we love each other and that’s what matters. Plus, we stuff our bellies.

So just in time for Thanksgiving, we have a special treat for you—this dramatic list of funny Thanksgiving failures that’s basically a to-do list of “what not to do.” Enjoy!

#1 Cut A Lemon In Half And Place It Under Turkey Skin To Lighten The Mood This Thanksgiving

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#2 Traditions

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#3 I'm Not Sad I'm Working Thanksgiving, I'm Sad My Donut Shop Is Closed

Image credits: jkorpela

#4 Someone Asked Me What I Use To Marinate My Turkey, I Told Them I Use The Marinating Drawer In The Fridge... Why, What Do You Use?

Image credits: TheInward07

#5 Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sisters First Ever Turkey

Image credits: Lovethe3beatles

#6 I Think The Neighbor's Turkey Is Done

Image credits: AntalRyder

#7 Carving The Turkey

Image credits: roro4484

#8 My 17 Year Old Cousin Made This For The Family Thanksgiving Party. Took Me A Good 30 Minutes To Notice

Image credits: FGuysWithAccents

#9 Thanksgiving Dinner Was Lit

Image credits: dredpirateluffy

#10 Spent Thanksgiving Morning In ER Because I Had Sharp Pains In My Belly Area. Turns Out I Have An Ovarian Cyst. In The Spirit Of Giving Enjoy A Pic Of Me Doped Up On Morphine. Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: Nina716

#11 Yes, A Happy Thanksgiving To All

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#12 Last Year My Brother Had To Work On Thanksgiving. He Asked Me To Save Him A Little Bit Of Everything

Image credits: Seely2593

#13 The Turkeys Might Have Been Burned But The Laughter And The Company Were All That Mattered. Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: nyers_guide

#14 My Friend Dropped His Thanksgiving Turkey

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#15 Merry Thanksgiving

Image credits: Supermegakid

#16 I Call This Performance Piece "Thanksgiving Eve"

Image credits: MacaroniAndBooty

#17 Thanksgiving Fail. Someone Order The Pizza

Image credits: to_helz

#18 Really Looking Forward To Some Custard Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving

Image credits: mrngwood2864

#19 A Thanksgiving Classic

Image credits: abvecat

#20 The Turkey My Wife Bought For Thanksgiving

Image credits: PerforatedEdge

#21 Our Thanksgiving Cake

Image credits: Fruset

#22 Thanksgiving Is Cancelled

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#23 Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: xSGAx

#24 Just An Fyi - These Are My 2 1/2 Hour Baked Biscuits. Easy Baking Instructions - Put Biscuits In Oven Then Leave For 2 1/2 Hours Then Come Home To A Smokey House

Image credits: the_jorganaught

#25 Dog Pulled The Turkey Off The Counter And Shattered The Glass Dish It Was In

Image credits: MakeSandwichesNotWar

#26 Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: Msknowbody

#27 My Apartment Building Burned Down This Afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving I Guess

Image credits: metallica913

#28 The Fruit Tart My Wife Made From Scratch. Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: GooseNYC

#29 It's Not Truly Thanksgiving Until Heather Drops A Cheesecake In The Floor

Image credits: katecandohistory

#30 I Tried

Image credits: grapeapesings

#31 Thanksgiving 2019, Have I Hit Rock Bottom?

Image credits: killjoy199

#32 I Think Someone Was Not Pleased With His Share Of The Thanksgiving Turkey

Image credits: sherylgreenspeaks

#33 Got Snowed In So We Had To Work With What We Had. I Present Meatloaf “Turkey”, Complete With Little Smokie Stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Image credits: Parkie89

#34 Why, Of All Days, On Thanksgiving

Image credits: Tree_Hair

#35 Stayed Up Until 4 Am Baking My First Fully From Scratch Apple Pie For Thanksgiving. Stayed Up Until 4:30 Am Having A Breakdown Over Dropping It

Image credits: Lilcatbeans

#36 First Year Mom Trusted Me With The Turkey

Image credits: speedbarf

#37 The Way My Roommate Ate This Pie I Bought For Thanksgiving

Image credits: kdog696969

#38 Everyone Complains About Their Family After Thanksgiving, But Mine Truly Are Monsters

Image credits: my_cats_reddit

#39 Jell-O Shot Casserole: Because I’m Too Lazy To Do Individual Shot Glasses. It’s The Perfect Thanksgiving Tradition

Image credits: lasermanmcgee

#40 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Image credits: steamysalmonslab

#41 Found Out I Had Covid Right Before A Friendsgiving. Was Gonna Treat Myself To The Mac And Cheese I Had Made, But Put The Dish On A Burner I Didn't Know Was On

Apparently, pyrex explodes when exposed to direct heat.

Image credits: basketsnbeer

#42 My Grocery Store Sells These Beauties

Image credits: imgur.com

#43 My Friend "Smoked" A Turkey

Image credits: BilesOMrian

#44 I Tried To Make A Pie For Thanksgiving

Image credits: texshields

#45 I Faced The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie This Thanksgiving

Image credits: SupremeBeing120

#46 Thanksgiving Tacos

Image credits: AplMik24

#47 Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: SnickersBounty

#48 Hopefully Everyone’s Thanksgiving Was Less Eventful Than Ours. I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Never Browned Marshmallows On The Top Of Our Sweet Potatoes Without Burning Them

Image credits: sisters.inthe.garden

#49 Everything’s Okay. Everything’s Okay. Now We Know What Happens When Cranberry Sauce Boils Over A Lot

Image credits: lesliejingluski

#50 Thanksgiving Delight

Image credits: the_coagulates

#51 Obligatory Thanksgiving Turkey

Image credits: Nerril

#52 Someone From My Snapchat At Thanksgiving

Image credits: planetmingus

#53 It’s A Good Sign You Ruined Thanksgiving When The Bird Comes Out Of The Oven Looking Like The Iceman Ötzi

Image credits: RaccoonJim

#54 Lesson Learned. Always Have A Backup Turkey. Texas Deep Fat Fried. We Left It In An Extra Three Minutes And Quickly Regretted It

Image credits: cryptomeg

#55 These Are Dinner Rolls, Allegedly

Image credits: michaelstarbailey

#56 Thanksgiving Fail

Image credits: sc2929

#57 My “Family-Oriented” Company Provided Thanksgiving Dinner Since They Couldn’t Bother To Let Us Go Home

Image credits: jackalopacabra

#58 Fell Down 3 Stairs On Thanksgiving Weekend, Had To Have Ankle Reconstruction Today

Image credits: mattieknowsworst

#59 Refrigerator Decided To Call It Quits On The One Job It Had - Getting Cold! On The Day Before Thanksgiving

In the middle of a pandemic after I just stocked up for my state shutting down.

Image credits: ControlOnlyYourself

#60 I And My Girlfriend Was Making Stuffing For Her Mom’s Early Thanksgiving

Image credits: Yushamoto

#61 Line Oven With Tin Foil To Catch Thanksgiving Drippings

Image credits: grosheca

#62 I Hope Everyone Had A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving

Image credits: singincactuswoodshop

#63 Thanksgiving Fail. Hot Fudge Pie Recipe Didn’t Say What Size Pan. Apparently Needed Bigger Pie Dish

Image credits: scottandbobbie

#64 It Was Delicious

Image credits: mcznag_eats

#65 Turkey Crafted From Spam, Merry Thanksgiving

Image credits: PufFyy

#66 I Removed The Skin Before Carving My Turkey And Made A Thanksgiving Burrito

Image credits: Tetelestia

#67 Anyone Want A Slice Of The Turdkey Cake?

Image credits: JustICErely

#68 Perfect Start To Thanksgiving

Image credits: Noahsch19

#69 My Cat Ruined Thanksgiving

Image credits: deftoner42

#70 While Many Are Posting Their Beautiful Golden Turkeys And Perfectly Set Tables, I’m More For Keepin’ It Real. This Is My Green Bean Casserole. On The Ground. In My Driveway

I was looking forward to it quite frankly. Par for the course in 2020 I suppose.

Image credits: scribblesinthechaos

#71 These Were Supposed To Be Mini Pumpkin Pies, However, The Crust Crumbled On Every Single One When I Pulled Them Out Of The Pan

Image credits: whatfeliciacooks

#72 Shout Out To All Of You Who Get Stuck Doing All The Thanksgiving Dishes

Image credits: skinow84

#73 Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Friends

Image credits: quailwoman

#74 Spent 4 Hours In The Emergency Room On Thanksgiving Day. Today I Received The Post-Insurance Bill. Screw American Healthcare


#75 Thanksgiving Night. The Perfect Time For The Microwave Door To Shatter

Image credits: ignisignis

#76 My Cat Ate My Turkey While It Was Thawing In The Sink For Thanksgiving

Image credits: ginguh

#77 My Thanksgiving Monstrosity

Image credits: sean1978

#78 When There Are To Many Calories In Turkey But You Want A Good Thanksgiving

Image credits: Spookykitten222

#79 Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: spellred

#80 Dad Forgot The Turkey Was In The Oven

Image credits: NonSentientHuman

#81 My Thanksgiving Leftovers

Image credits: sconeymonkey

#82 Heard A Crash In The Middle Of The Night And Thought It Was A Cat Knocking Something Over But Couldn't Find Anything. Found This In The Morning. Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: MelArlo

#83 Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: DonkeyToucher

#84 Happy Thanksgiving Earthlings

Image credits: Mypholis

#85 So Ummm Yeah What Did Your Thanksgiving Turkey Look Like?

Image credits: Rploesser

#86 Thanksgiving Fail

This was 1 of our restaurant purchases “cooked” turkey breast. Thankfully our other purchased bird was actually cooked.

Image credits: MistyStarbucks1

#87 Bake Until Golden Brown

Image credits: rnp04c

#88 Sofia Made Chocolate Pie For Thanksgiving And Then Dropped It In The Floor

Image credits: ashnichole

#89 Sums Up 2020 When Your Hands Forget To Hold Tight

Image credits: m.w.f.2019

#90 If 2020 Was A Pie Crust

Image credits: sourdoughstarterkitchen

#91 This Thanksgiving Cupcake Array My Friend Made

Image credits: isaacpeterson

#92 We're Also Here, Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving

Image credits: Siray

#93 So My Mom Set The Oven To 225°c And Not 225°f. Luckily We Had Another Turkey

Image credits: ChrisTheAnP

#94 Our Precooked Turkey

Image credits: rose.west.314

#95 Turkey Fail

Image credits: debarch

#96 Yep. That’s About Right For 2020. Deep Fryer Fail

Image credits: jasonbaileytroupe

#97 The Turkey Mascot Of 2020. Thankful It Still Tasted Ok

Image credits: staceycarney03

#98 Someone In My House Decided To Heat Up Their Pizza (In My Pre-Heated Oven). They Cranked It Up To Broil And Never Turned It Back Down Or Told Me

2 minutes after my pies were in I smelled burning sugar and pulled them out, but the damage was done... Hopefully, they'll still taste decent if we can eat around the burnt bits.

Image credits: food.for.five

#99 It’s Not Black, It’s Off-Brown

Image credits: sean_littlefishbrewing

#100 This Hotdog Was The Thank You Meal For Working On Thanksgiving

Image credits: birchburk

#101 Thanksgiving Has Begun

Image credits: ArtIII

#102 Thanksgiving Cookie Cake At Target

Image credits: hogjowl

#103 We Tried Using Pilgrim And Indian Cookie Cutters To Make The Pie Top For Thanksgiving And It Came Out Looking A Little "Holocausty"

Image credits: drumfarmer

#104 Flaming Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving Turkey

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#105 This Was 2020 But Here You Go

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