3 Things to Do With Your Old Mobile Phone

“I’ve got all these old phones….”

Mobile phones are almost becoming disposable items.  It’s difficult to get accurate statistics, and it does seem to vary quite a bit throughout the world, but the generally accepted average is that people replace their mobiles about every 18 months.    Some people will wait for their phone contract to expire at the end of 2 years before replacing their phones;  some people buy a new phone every 6 months;  some people keep their phones for many years.

Whichever way your preference falls for mobile phone replacement, it is important to consider what will happen to the phone you are replacing.

Mobile phones have batteries and other components which are not particularly earth-friendly.  So, the worst thing that can happen is for your old phones to end up in a normal landfill.

Luckily, today it is easier than ever to make good use of your old phones.

You don’t want your old mobile phone to end up in a landfill.

Assuming you don’t trash it, what can you do with your old mobile phones?

Keep it

Many people keep their old phones in a drawer, gathering dust.   Perhaps you want to keep it as a spare, in case anything happens to your current phone.  But would you really use the old one if you lost the new one or had it stolen?   Perhaps you would instead replace it under insurance?  If so, why keep it?

Consider also that the longer you leave it in the drawer, the less money you will get for it if you eventually decide to sell it.  The best time to sell your old phone is as soon as you replace it.

Sell or trade it

Yes, people DO buy used phones! And yes, you can get some money for your old phone!

You can advertise and sell it yourself on eBay, Craigslist or your favourite local selling site.

mobile phones can earn cash
mobile phones can earn cash

Alternatively, there are loads of companies which will offer to buy your old mobile.  Go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and type buy old phone with the name of your country or state – for example, “buy old phone Australia” or “buy old phone Ohio”.

How much money you get will depend on the age and popularity of the phone, but it’s better than nothing.  And it avoids your mobile phone going to the landfill (for now).

Other ideas:  you may receive a discount on a new phone if you trade in your old phone at the same time.  Alternatively, consider bartering your old phone for something you want instead of paying cash.

Donate it

Whether or not your mobile phone has a cash value, it has value to charities.  For example, I was reading about a shelter for battered women which gives phones to victims for emergency use, as well as minutes of airtime to contact or be contacted by assistance agencies.

Many of the large phone manufacturers will also accept your old phone, as do many wireless providers.  They either recycle or donate them.   Contact the local branch of your phone’s manufacturer to find out where you can drop it off.

But remember – don’t trash it!

What’s Next? 

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