5 Customer Tips for a Successful IKEA Kitchen Remodel

Tips for a successful IKEA kitchen remodel from previous IKD customers

Sometimes, IKEA customers need a helping hand with their IKEA kitchen remodel.

This usually means working with the right design professionals (ahem!), as well as picking installers and contractors who specialize in IKEA cabinetry. In this case, however, it means getting advice from other IKEA customers. After all, what better way to get through your IKEA remodel than with tips from those who have “been there, done that,” right?

Our design team thinks so.

Perhaps you need advice on the installation process; or to know when the best time to visit IKEA is; or where to find inspiration and information during the design process.These are design considerations that could potentially cause you unnecessary stress. That is, if you’re not properly prepared. However, they’re also tips that can make a huge difference in the success of your kitchen. So maybe you’re looking to remodel an outdated kitchen into a stunning farmhouse layout; design an all-white minimalist IKEA kitchen; create a modern kitchen with storage space using IKEA VEDDINGE cabinets, or even create a custom kitchen design. Knowing these things will be half the battle as you begin your IKEA remodel.

And whether you’re an experienced DIYer or are just starting to research examples of kitchens on design Web sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest, surely the following tips will get your IKEA kitchen going in the right direction.

Let’s take a look!

YouTube Is Your Friend

One recurring tip we’ve received is to take advantage of YouTube during your IKEA kitchen remodel. This holds true whether you’re a novice or an experienced DIYer.

IKD customer Maggie from Rockville, MD, is an experienced home renovator who, along with her husband,has remodeled multiple rooms using IKEA cabinets.

She explains: “I used YouTube for everything. I learned how to hang the IKEA cabinets on the rail and many other things [related to improving the installation]. I love learning and love the feeling of accomplishment I get when it’s done and I step back to appreciate my work.”

Specifically, Maggie — who acted as general contractor for the project — installed her IKEA VEDDINGE cabinets herself to create a striking modern IKEA kitchen complete with an open floorplan and plenty of storage while also staying within budget.

IKD customer Matt from Orlando, FL, who installed his IKEA kitchen with his wife and father, agrees: “I would definitely suggest watching YouTube videos to learn more [about installing the cabinetry].” This approach worked well for Matt as the results of his efforts are an IKEA kitchen with a large island; a wine bar; and a variety of other high-end appliances and countertops — all complemented by IKEA SEKTION cabinetry framework featuring white IKEA FORBATTRA cover panels and white IKEA MAXIMERA drawers and drawer dividers for a custom design theme.

Pick the Right Partner for IKEA Kitchen Remodel

Of course not everyone is prepared to install their IKEA kitchen alone, so that means finding the right design assistance.

IKD customer Laurel from outside of Chattanooga, TN, found this out during her IKEA kitchen project.

“My suggestion is to get help with the design. That was crucial and I’m very pleased with how it turned out,’ she says. Specifically, she notes that her IKD designer was able to solve a design request she had in a unique way. “I asked her to incorporate an island into the design and she gave me full cabinets along the wall and extended it out into a breakfast nook that has drawers under it. It was a genius stroke. I was afraid it was going to be too narrow but it turned out to be just wide enough [for overall efficiency].[We downsized] so the kitchen is smaller than what I’m accustomed to but I love it because it’s so efficient to put things away or to get them out.”

IKD customer Gordon and his wife, from Frederick, MD, agree: “It’s a really good idea to get design help. That makes things more manageable overall.” For Gordon, this meant working with IKD and a general contractor to resolve some functional issues and create a classic-style IKEA kitchen with a unique built-in pantry area.

When To Visit IKEA

IKD customer Elaine from Harrison, NJ, says it’s also important to know the best time to visit IKEA.

Elaine, whose family-friendly, all-white IKEA kitchen features a minimalist design theme with IKEA RINGHULT cabinets and stainless steel IKEA GREVSTA cabinets, explains: “Go early to IKEA and don’t wait until the last minute. I couldn’t get to IKEA until the last day of the IKEA kitchen sale but that wasn’t a good idea!”

Having sorted that out, she adds: “I have to say that the actual kitchen has exceeded my expectations and looks better than anticipated!”

IKD customer Jordan from New York City, who remodeled his loft kitchen with IKEA VEDDINGE wall and base cabinetry, agrees. “Go to IKEA during off hours, and try to make your trips surgical.”

(This is especially important for IKEA Canada customers, for instance, who know their local IKEA isn’t so local, and don’t have the time to make multiple trips.)

Installation Insights

The installation process can be disruptive as old cabinets are torn out, new cabinets are installed and things like electrical and plumbing are checked for safety. It takes time.

IKD customer Andrew from Oakland, CA, notes: “The timeline [may] be a bit longer [than you expect], so get ready for some extended camping in your own home. We moved the ‘kitchen’ into our dining room [during installation]. An induction hotplate ($35 on Amazon) was great for cooking simple stuff.”

Gordon adds: “Yes, be prepared for installation delays, as the project may take longer due to needing to assemble all of the cabinets, etc.“Overall, our project went smoother than other renovations that we’ve done before, although [we were surprised] at how long assembling the cabinets would take and we had to go back to IKEA a few times due to parts missing in the original order.”

Staying Calm

Which brings us to our last tip: Stay calm.

Elaine explains: “It’s important to stay calm and be flexible. Our kitchen was quite large and the IKEA store representative who completed the order made many mistakes. So, I made many trips to IKEA to buy extra parts.”

(By the way, this is why IKD provides our signature Extra Items List as part of our design process so that no part is overlooked when ordering.)

Matt concludes: “I’d also definitely say to follow the carpentry rule of ‘measure twice, cut once,’ and more than anything – have patience!”

As you can see, there are many factors to keep in mind during your IKEA remodel. However, now that you have some new information, we hope that you’ll find the entire process easier. More so, we hope you’re now getting inspired and motivated to see that achieving your design goals are achievableby choosing IKEA cabinets using these tips when you get started!

Learn more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bath, laundry room and closet at https://inspiredkitchendesign.com.

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