50 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

When decorating a bathroom not only focus on its design but also other aspects. Especially if it’s a bathroom for your kids. There are several aspects that you should pay attention to. Like the factors of comfort, safety and kids-friendly design. When designing a kids bathroom, there are some important tips to keep in mind. Choose a design theme that includes colors, patterns, and accessories that will help your kids to enjoy using the room.

50 kid-friendly bathroom design ideas to inspire you1

There are several popular designs for kids bathrooms, but what makes a kid-friendly bathroom different from a grown-up bathroom? Colorful accents and accessories will make even a plain-looking bathroom more exciting. You can add colorful plastic bins to store all sorts of kid-sized bathroom accessories, such as cotton balls and hair accessories. Using tiles that are safe for kids is very important. Choose the tiles that are slip-resistant and waterproof. To accommodate children with different heights is to place a pull-out step stool or a step stool in the bathroom vanity drawer. It can help them reach the faucet and the toilet seat. Moreover, don’t forget to use an interesting theme for your kids bathroom. For more ideas, check these ideas below. It’s fun for kids to have their own space!


Multiple Faucets from hgtv


Low Stainless Steel Hook from hgtv


Double Vanities Bathroom from hgtv

Built-in towel bar

Built-in Towel Bar from hgtv

Built-ins for soap and shampoo

Built-in Wall Shampoo and Soap from hgtv

Colorful accessories and art

Colorful Accessories and Art from hgtv

Colorful polka dot wallpaper

Colorful Polka Dot Wallpaper from hgtv

Colorful pouf

Colorful Pouf and Canvas Painting from hgtv

Framed vintage lifeguard uniform

Vintage Lifeguard Uniform Frame from hgtv

Funky cloud lighting

Funky Cloud Lighting from hgtv

Glossy vibrant countertop

Glossy Vibrant Countertop from hgtv

Green pedestal sink

Green Pedestal Sink from hgtv

Kids bathtime

Kids Bathime from hgtv

Low open shelf

Low Open Towel Storage from hgtv

Low-standing sinks

Low Standing Sink from hgtv

Painted polka dots wall decor

Painted Polka Dots Wall Decoration from hgtv

Pink pulled vanity

Pink Pulled Vanity from hgtv

Pops color interior bathroom

Pops Color Interior Bathroom from hgtv

Pull-out step stool

Pull-out Stel Stool from hgtv

Rainbow-printed shower curtain

Rainbow Printed Shower Curtain from hgtv

Robot-print wallpaper

Robot Print Wallpaper from hgtv

Stacked towel racks

Stacked Towel Rack from hgtv

Statement mural

Statement Mural Bathroom from hgtv

Turquoise knobs cabinet

Turquoise Knobs Cabinet from hgtv

Under-sink vanity basket storage

Under Sink Vanity with Basket Storage from hgtv

Vibrant floral wallpaper

Vibrant Floral Wallpaper from hgtv

Vintage recessed lockers

Vintage Recessed Lockers from hgtv

Whimsical animal hooks

Whismical Animal Hooks from hgtv

Babyish themes

Babyfish Theme Bathroom from countryliving

Black accessories and hardware

Black Accessories and Hardware from countryliving

Bunny bath mat

Bunny Bath Mat from countryliving

Camp-motif shower curtain

Camp Motif Shower Curtain from countryliving

Dinosaur wall hook

Dinosaur Wall Hook from countryliving

Diy bathroom initial art

DIY Bathroom Initial Art from countryliving

Faucet extender for kids

Elephant Shaped Faucet for Kids from countryliving

Floral shower curtain

Floral Shower Curtain from countryliving

Geography-themed bathroom

Geography Themed Bathroom from countryliving


Light Blue Tone Color Bathroom from countryliving


Bright and Patterned Shower Curtain from countryliving


Animal Wall Decoration from countryliving

Organized kid's bathroom

Organized Kids Bathroom from countryliving

Tic tac toe board turns toilet paper holder

Tic Tac Toe Board Toilet Paper Holder from countryliving

Two step stools

Two Step Stools from countryliving

Whale bath mat and shower curtain

Whale Bath Mat and Shower Curtain from countryliving

Woodland-themed kid's bathroom

Woodland Themed Kids Bathroom from countryliving


Animal Shaped Rug from digsdigs


Colorful Tile Bathroom from digsdigs


Rainbow Shower Curtain from digsdigs


Animal Head for Wall Decoration from digsdigs


Colorful Interior Bathroom from digsdigs