7 Clever Places to Hide Your Sex Toys When You Have Kids

You have to Hide your Sex Toys when you have inquisitive kids!

However, if you’re cunning enough to hide your prized possessions, you’ll know that having kids in your bedroom where your sex toys are lurking is a no-brainer.

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Our Askers in Ask SAHM was quizzed about where and how they hide their sex toys, and the answers were surprising! While some go to great lengths to keep their stash from their kids’ plain view, others just hide it simply in their drawers.

So if you can’t seem to find a place to hide your sex toys, and you have your curious littlies at home, these people’s answers might help you find the right place.

1. Grab Yourself A Lockable Vibrator Case

“I have a little box with a combination lock on it. It cost about $29 at an online adult shop. That’s not much when I think about how much worry it has saved me!! I keep the box in the drawer of my bedside table. Before that I used to wrap my toys in a small towel, but when I found it partly unwrapped one day I knew I needed something more secure!”


2. At the top of the walk-in robe

“My bedside draw… I keep the extra fun things in the top of my walk in robe. Kids aren’t allowed in my room alone although when she was younger my 1-year-old did wander out with my vibrator once no mishaps now they are older.”

3. Inside a Purse at the top of the closet

“I have a purse in the top of my closet that I keep all my toys, lubes, etc in. It’s too high for the kids to reach and wont be found accidentally.”

4. In the bedside table…but the bedroom door should be closed almost all the time.

“Mine are stored in my bedside table. We don’t allow people into our bedroom so no issues with them being found. My eldest child is 3 and we haven’t had any issues with him going to our bedside drawers. That being said we keep our bedroom door closed pretty much all the time.”

5. I Keep My Sex Toys in a Black Plastic Box Under the bed

“I keep them in a black plastic box under the bed but my kids are pretty small and wouldn’t look. I’m more worried if my parents /in laws were to ever find it!”

6. Bottom draw of the filing cabinet

“Bottom draw of the filing cabinet that locks and key hidden. My friend has a box in the top of their wardrobe.”

7. Box at the top of the cupboard

“Box in the top of your cupboard?”


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How about you? Where do you hide your adult toys? Don’t be shy!

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