9 Trendy Anthropologie Home Knockoffs You Can Buy on Amazon for Much Less

We found some amazing Anthropologie home dupes on Amazon!

childs bed with purple bunny and huge cream pom pillow

Amazon really does have it all… even some of the best Anthropologie dupes! 🤩

From trendy boho pillows to candles, I’m sharing some of my favorite Anthropologie home knockoffs and dupes you can buy for less on Amazon! You won’t even believe the savings!

Check out these Anthropologie dupes you can buy on Amazon for much less:

(*Note that prices fluctuate often on these Amazon knockoff items, so keep in mind that the prices below may change.)

1. Amazon has the perfect Anthropologie dupe for the most sought-after gold mirror.

two gold antique mirrors with reflections on glass

If you’ve had your eye on this stunning intricate gold Primrose mirror at Anthro (I mean, who doesn’t?!), you’re in luck because Amazon sells a similar one for just a fraction of the cost! While it is slightly smaller, it would be perfect for any bathroom or entryway and if you’re patient enough, you can snag one of their larger sizes when it comes back in stock.

gold antique mirror sitting on black entryway table with various pottery decor

Best of all, this Anthropologie dupe is currently available in black, bronze, and gold so you can score the finish you’ve had your heart set on and save well over $400!

2. Store your magazines or your growing vinyl collection with a stylish leather holder.

anthropologie and amazon leather magazine holder
Velvet magazine holder

For almost $100 less than the Anthropologie version, you can score this popular and highly rated $29.99 magazine rack! In fact, some reviewers mentioned it also fits their vinyl records perfectly so if you have a growing collection, this is the perfect dupe for you!

Or, if you want to spend more, this $99 Amazon magazine rack dupe looks identical to the Anthro one! The difference, you’ll save yourself almost $30 by purchasing from Amazon.

3. Amazon’s got the best Anthropologie dupes for boho pom throw pillows.

two cream colored pom pom boho pillows with purple and white backgrounds

You can never have too many pillows and I am loving these gorgeous pom pillows that will give any space the perfect boho feel. Even better, the Amazon one is made of soft cotton rather than rough jute material like the Anthro one, so not only is it cheaper, but it’s also much more practical too!

cream colored round throw pom pillow on couch

Keep in mind that the Amazon pillow is for the cover only so you’ll need to purchase a round pillow insert to complete this look. An 18″ round pillow insert is recommended so your cushion looks nice and full.

However, if you already happen to have one laying around or plan to fill it yourself then this Anthropologie dupe will be even more affordable! 👏🏻

Love all things boho? The same shop on Amazon has more boho throw pillows and stunning throw blankets! 😍

4. Save over $100 and get this dreamy star pendant light three months faster than Anthropologie’s.

gold and bronze star pendant lights with yellow lights on inside

Whether you’re sprucing up your outdoor porch or adding some boho touches inside your home, this pendant light will be sure to make a statement. Better yet, you’ll save well over 100 bucks just by buying the one on Amazon!

5. This apothecary jar candle is literally the same product, but cheaper on Amazon.

two cream colored glass jar candles with brand tag and christmas string

The only difference between these two candles? Anthropologie clearly upped their photography game which 10 times out of 10 will make items only look more expensive. Slick move, Anthro. 😏

glass jar candle burning with store brand tag and christmas string around top

Although this trendy Apothecary jar candle isn’t much cheaper, we’ve seen the price on Amazon drop below $30. Plus, it ships with free two-day Prime shipping, whereas the Anthro one isn’t even available until the end of January! Same product for a cheaper price and faster shipping? I’ll take two! 🤩

6. Modern essential oil diffusers will put the zen & sophistication you’re looking for in your home.

two white ceramic stone essential oils diffusers with books

While Amazon also sells this same exact Vitruvi diffuser as Anthro (with 5 different colors available for the same regular price) you can also find identical Anthropologie dupes that still cost half the price even when Anthro’s is on sale, yet you’ll still achieve the sleek and modern designs you’re looking for.

black stone essential oil diffuser on table with steam coming out of top

Even cooler, these Anthropologie diffuser dupes come in literally all the same exact colors as the expensive one so regardless of the color you’re after, you can still score it for way less! 👏🏻

Hip Tip: Love Anthropologie’s Capri Blue Volcano scent? Lina figured out a way to get the same smell in her diffuser and it’s heavenly! 😍

7. Add a functional & fun boho touch to your walls with these macrame mail sorters.

anthropologie and amazon macrame hangers

These macrame mail holders will add a touch of bohemian to your home and for the price of the one on Amazon, you could score one for a friend’s house and still stay under budget!

macrame hanger on black table with candle and magazine

It’s the perfect spot to hang your mail without it being a total eyesore or you could even put it in your room to double as decor. As for myself, it makes for the perfect wall hanger and since it was so affordable, I might even buy one for my daughter’s room for her little treasures.

two macrame hanging wall pieces on white wall

Don’t need a pocket for your mail? One of my Hip sidekicks scored this set of gorgeous macrame hangings for just $21.99! That’s only about 11 bucks per piece! Sweet! Not only did she get the Anthropologie style she was looking for, but it cost her a whole lot less than it would have at Anthro.

8. Dress up your cabinets with these gorgeous Anthropologie dupe T-shaped knobs & just a fraction of the cost on Amazon.

sets of brown and gold drawer knobs with stock photo backgrounds

There’s no denying these Anthropologie knobs are unique and stunning! However, if you’re looking to upgrade your knobs or refurbish a piece of furniture on a budget, these Amazon dupes will surely keep your wallet in check with the significantly lower price point.

close up of black console side table with brown and gold knobs

Even better, if you need some matching drawer pulls, they have that too. Look how one Amazon reviewer transformed her gorgeous piece of furniture! It looks like something that just stepped out of an Anthropologie magazine. 😍

9. A new emerald green desk chair will add sophistication to your work from home space.

two emerald green office chairs

Ready to step into the New Year with a fresh new office space to crush all your goals? These glamorous emerald green desk chairs will add all the fierceness you need to your space to tackle each day. Plus, if you’re feeling crafty, there’s plenty of room in the budget to spray paint the legs gold to match Anthro’s exactly.

Best of all, it’s even cheaper than the Anthropologie delivery fee alone and you don’t have to wait 3 months to have it made! 🤩👏🏻

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