A serum that clears skin quickly and a hair bonding treatment

From CB: I’ve bought so many things off Amazon for my new house. These stools turned out so nice! Please note that you get two in one package so choose a quantity of one if you want just two. I made that mistake and need to call Amazon to return the extra two. These fit really well under my kitchen counter and look more expensive than they are. My son says they were straightforward to put together but required some elbow grease. I also got these magnetic notepads with a pen holder for making grocery lists. They’re smaller than I thought but they do the job and look cute on the fridge. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A personalized charcuterie board makes an impressive gift

From CB: I was looking up personalized items and found this charcuterie board from trusted brand Picnic at Ascot. You get a large initial, one or two names underneath and then a family name and date. All fields are optional, just hit “customize” to see the layouts. This is $50 and comes with a removable drawer of cheese tools and a cracker well. It is 13 inches square and has 142 ratings, 4.9 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it’s a thoughtful and useful gift. “Our office bought this as a Christmas gift for our boss. It was perfect! Being able to personalize it made it look way more expensive than it was and also made it more personable. Very sturdy, well made. Very nice gift or to get for yourself for your own small get-togethers or impress with a large party!” “Purchased this for my dad for Christmas and it was a hit! It makes a super lovely gift and is pretty easy to clean.”

A quick-acting toner/serum with salicylic acid for clearer skin

From CB: Bliss Clear Genius is on sale for under $15 for 4.3 ounces. It is formulated with salicylic acid, niacinamide, BHA and witch hazel to treat and prevent acne. This toner serum combination has over 2,000 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. People are amazed at how quickly it cleared their skin. “This has done wonders for me. I have adult acne. I also have OILY skin. I can’t use regular moisturizers… it’s zit city! This toner is more like a gel than a liquid toner. The texture was a little surprising until I used it. I don’t think I could ever use another toner again. It doesn’t burn, doesn’t smell, and leaves your skin refreshed, clean, and soft. My acne has basically disappeared in two days.” “I hope this doesn’t jinx it but this stuff literally single-handedly fixed my skin. I saw results after the first use and continue to see them weeks later. I have oily, acne-prone skin and since I’ve started using this I’ve had almost no new blemishes.”

A large set of soft makeup brushes that feel luxurious

From CB: If you’re like me, you’ve had your makeup brushes for years. I know it’s time to replace them but high quality sets are pricey. This 19 piece set by Duocolor is under $30. They have purple and red ombre brushes and blue handles with a gold hieroglyph design. These have over 1,2000 ratings, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say they are soft and comparable to high end brushes. “I’m always looking for more brushes, and these brushes are so soft, I honestly absolutely love using them! There’s also a great variety of brushes, particularly for the eyes, which are always the ones I seem to run out of the quickest. I’ve honestly paid more than this set cost for a single brush before, but the quality of these brushes is definitely comparable to the single brushes I’ve paid so much for.” “I think I am obsessed… I absolutely adore the packaging. I am definitely never throwing out the box it’s adorable. The details on the handles are such a great touch and the handles have a very high quality feel to them. These brushes are so unbelievably fluffy and soft and really does blend out all of my makeup practically effortlessly.”

Water shoes for comfort and convenience this summer

From CB: I am planning more water activities this summer and I need a good pair of water shoes that will protect my feet from sunburn too. These water shoes by Simari come in 43 different patterns and colors and a wide variety of sizes. They range from $9 to $16 and have over 28,000 ratings, 4.4 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say they’re comfortable, fit well and protect their feet from sharp objects and hot sand. “We had these for our trip to Australia and were greatly needed for walking on the boat and on the beaches. Some beaches are made of old coral that washes up. It can take a toll on bare feet. But we had our water shoes and they were perfect for strolling over the coral and could wear them into the water and out of the water. They dried very quickly.” “These shoes fit snugly enough not to slip or come off while swimming in the ocean, but were very comfortable. I also used them for swimming at a couple of sink holes where there were a lot of wet rocks and some moss, and they definitely help with balance and for protecting your feet from smaller rocks.”

A highly rated universal adapter for easy travel

From Hecate: The Epicka universal adapter was voted the best overall universal adaptor on several websites, including both Travel & Leisure and Wired. The different prong adapters are retractable with levers on the side and works in over 150 countries. The base has both type C and USB slots for multiple uses. It measures at 2.8 x 1.97 x 2.05 inches so it’s easily packable in a carry-on and it even comes in three colors, including rose gold for the fancy travelers. And it’s only $23 which, if you’ve ever bought a universal adaptor, is a great price. Over 6,700 people on Amazon gave it 4.7 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People who travel a lot say it’s indispensable, “I travel extensively internationally. I have a special briefcase for my international travel and I always keep my travel adapter in my briefcase so I don’t forget it.” This person said they use the adaptor at home because it’s so useful, “ It has 4 usb ports and 1 type-c port, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time which is perfect for people who will bring phones, ipad, and mobile power supply along with their trip. Greatly avoid the troublesome of not finding enough charging spots! You can also use it at home!” That makes it even more affordable!

A hair bonding treatment that’s comparable to Olaplex

From Hecate: I finally got my haircut the other day and my stylist told me all about the latest hair treatments (she’s so good about educating her clients). We talked a lot about Olaplex that everyone was so crazy about when we offered it a while back. She said that the reason Olaplex is so effective is because they are bonding products that the hair needs as opposed to conditioners that just coat the hair and wash off or weigh it down. The Redkin bonding treatment for damaged hair is only $12 for a 1 oz tube. And since you use just a pea sized amount, that will last you a long time. Just leave in for 5-10 minutes before shampooing for beautifully conditioned, healthy, shiny hair. There’s also a leave in conditioner and concentrate in this same listing and they’re all vegan! Over 5,000 customers from Amazon showed it love and ReviewMeta rated it 4.3 stars. One customer said it actually undid the damage she’d done, “My poor crispy hair actually has SHINE again. One use. And it’s so soft.” and they say it only takes once to see results, “I used this ONCE and it was like a miracle! My hair is smooth and shiny. I just ordered the shampoo and conditioner.”

Fun inexpensive earrings for everyone you know

From Hecate: This popped up on my Amazon home page and it was such a good deal I thought I would pass it along. The offer is 44 pairs of hoops and heart earrings for about $15. There’s also some pretty studs in there too. I have a couple of really good earrings but for my everyday, knock about stuff, I lean to the inexpensive stuff because I don’t get a knot in my stomach if I lose one – and I always lose one. Plus, because of my flare for the dramatic I like really sharp gold or silver pieces and these glamor pieces are just that out of the box. And my 80s spirit loves the little checkerboard hearts – someone get my Vans! These are new to Amazon so they one have just over 100 reviews but they still got 4.4 stars and an A from Fakespot. Customers confirm the pairs are individually wrapped so you can give pairs as gifts, “These are separately packed. So yes you can keep what you like and gift few to others. All of the designs are great.” A lot of the reviews said the earrings were nice and light as well. And almost all of them said the best part of the package was the note written by the sender, “The note the sender included in the package was very much appreciated and went such a long way when I needed it most.” Now I want to buy them just for the note.

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