A Slicer Party #SOL22

For the past several years, I have held a "Slicer Party." I have always questioned doing it because I didn't think it followed the challenge guidelines. But when slicers ask for it, I can't help but NOT host it again.

Yesterday when I was on Diane's blog Newtreemom, I knew I had found this year's party - a writing retreat! Doesn't that sound wonderful? I know I, and I am sure many of you, have found it difficult to find the time or maybe even the motivation to write. I remember reading the first few days, post after post about slicers being in a writing rut and trying to find that rhythm again. Trying to remember the joy of finding stories and sharing them.

So, imagine yourself being with other writers in a cabin tucked away in a world of lush green fields surrounded by beautiful flowers blooming under blue skies and perfect temperatures. 

As the month wraps up and when you need a slice, (and yes, you know it WILL happen!) consider this invitation.  The best part is that you can join the party via your blog anytime during the month. 

Here's what you need to bring.

Writing tools - what writing tools would you bring? Are you a paper pencil and paper writer? A drawer or doodler who needs markers or colored pencils?

Food/beverage - what do you need to sustain your writing time?

Quote - this is actually a hostess gift! I am collecting quotes for a collage notebook (more about this in tomorrow's slice) and would love to see what quotes inspire you.

If I were going on a writing retreat, I would bring my notebook(s). Although it is sometimes much easier to compose on a computer, I would refrain from using it just to enjoy the time spent in nature and with all of you. I also enjoy the sound of pencil meeting paper and the turning of the page, and computers just don't provide that. I would bring a pencil pouch (or two) filled with my favorites - Ink Joy, twistable Crayola colored pencils, Flair markers, and Ticonderoga pencils.

I would bring along Milo's sweet tea and a huge bag of ice to ice it down! I usually prefer salty over sweet, so bags and bags of chips would be on my list.

My favorite quote:  "We rise by lifting others." I truly believe this and spent a whole year with the word RISE and ways in which I could lift others. We need more lifting in this world.

I hope you consider coming to the party some time this month by writing a slice about your ideal writing retreat. Just let me know you have joined, and I will include you on the guest list down below. I can't wait to see who else is coming!

Writing Retreat Guest List:


Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we 
share a slice of life during the month of March.