Beat the Winter Blahs How to Give Yourself a Boost

Ways to give yourself during winter and beat the winter blahs. Includes tips for dealing with lack of sunlight in the winter months.
beat the winter blahs

After the holidays have passed, and the excitement of the new year has worn off, I almost always get the winter blahs.

While Im thankful for the slower pace and routine following the hustle and bustle of the holidays, its still nice to have things to look forward to.

To bring a little spring into your step, here are some ideas for things you can do to give yourself a boost and get rid of the winter blahs.

Ways to Give Yourself a Boost

  1. Try a New Recipe We recently tried making sushi on our own. It was a lot of fun to learn about the ingredients required and the technique involved in making sushi rolls. While it was nowhere near as good as takeout sushi, making the sushi rolls on our own was a different activity we looked forward to for days while planning out our sushi night.
  2. Get a Haircut Or schedule some other type of beauty appointment that could be a treat. Im getting my hair cut in a few days, and Im SO looking forward to it.
  3. Schedule a Get Together It doesnt have to be anything complicated. Make plans to have coffee with a neighbor. Go out to dinner with some friends. Put something on the calendar you can look forward to.
  4. Declutter a Small Area Dont organize declutter. Pick a small area like a drawer or a cabinet, and get rid of all of the things you dont need. Donate the items to a local charity, and enjoy the new-found spaciousness!
  5. Get Lost in a Book During cold days, theres nothing quite like curling up under a blanket and reading a great novel. Check for book suggestions. Prefer non-fiction? Here are some great recommendations that will help motivate you to get organized.
  6. Make a Playlist Put together all of the songs you love on a playlist on your phone and listen to it when you need a boost.
  7. Learn About Your Personality Take a quiz here, and find out more about your personality. I was surprised at how accurate the quiz results were!
  8. Get a Checkup If youre really feeling the winter blahs, its certainly worth it to see your doctor for a checkup. When I went in for my checkup, I learned that my Vitamin D levels were super low. My doctor put meon a Vitamin D supplement, and Im starting to notice a difference in my energy levels. While a doctors appointment isnt exactly something to look forward to, it might be just the thing you need.

Darkness Got You Down?

winter darkness clouds

Darker days can really impact our energy levels.

If youre feeling more down than usual, or you just feel like sleeping all of the time, its time to call your doctor and make an appointment.

I was hesitant to see my doctor about the winter blues, but I was surprised to learn that she helps people with all kinds issues like low energy levels, low motivation, depression and anxiety. Every. single. day.

The winter blahs are a real thing, and your doctor can help you come up with a plan to feel better.

If you want to do something NOW, while you wait for your doctors appointment, here are some things that helped me.

  • Eat a salad for lunch. You can have other things too, but make sure you get your veggies in each day. I like to add mushrooms to my salads when I can because they contain a little Vitamin D.
  • Take a Vitamin D supplement. You should talk with your doctor before starting this. This is the Vitamin D I use.
  • Use a Happy Light. I have this one I found on Amazon. I put it by my desk during the winter months.

I hope this list has given you some ideas for beating the winter blahs!

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