Best countryside and nature themed diaries to help you plan ahead in 2022

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With a new year on the horizon it’s the perfect time to invest in a fresh diary to help organise your appointments, set new goals, and make big plans for 2022. We can’t think of a better way to keep track of your schedule than a beautiful countryside and nature themed diary.

From orchid and flower filled designs to organisers that show off some of Britain’s best landscapes, we’ve put together our list of stunning 2022 diaries that will help you keep on top of everything the new year has to offer.

Best countryside and nature diaries to buy for 2022

Royal Horticultural Society Desk Diary 2022

Designed by Deborah Lambkin, the official orchid artist for the Royal Horticultural Society since 2005, this floral 2022 diary will bring the outdoors into your office, helping you organise the year ahead while sitting beautifully on your desk.

The pages are of full of illustrations which can be separated and bookmarked using the silk ribbon marker. This means you can keep track of each day and all the events you have planned with ease.

This diary also features an internal storage pocket, ideal for keeping appointment cards and loose notes safely tucked away.

National Galleries Scotland Desk Diary 2022

This heavyweight hardback diary made in partnership with the National Galleries of Scotland provides a week to week look at 2022 to help you get on top of your tasks and future commitments. 

There are over 40 impressive artworks to admire throughout that range from dramatic Scottish landscapes to close-ups of beautiful flowers, accompanied by text that goes into detail on each illustration.

With plenty of space to scribble and keep on top of 2022, there’s also room to make additional notes. This diary also includes extra details such as the phases of the moon, and national holidays to help you organise your time. 

RSPB Nature Diary 2022

Stay inspired by nature in the new year with this special diary from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. To help provide an overview of the next 12 months it displays a week per page, alongside stunning bird life photography.

There’s also plenty of extra information within the diary including nature facts, and tips on events to check out throughout the year.


The National Trust 2022 Year Planner Diary

This planner from the National Trust has been specifically designed to carry in a pocket or pop in a bag so you can keep on top of your plans wherever you are, and make new appointments on the go. 

It has an overview of each month for a broader look at what you have coming up, and a section to keep important information like your blood group and allergies, should you run into any trouble on your next trip. 

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British Coastlines 2022 Diary

Inspired by the style of vintage railway posters, artist Beck Bettesworth has created a diary that displays her rendition of beautiful British coastlines.

Whether you have a range of seaside trips planned in the new year, or you simply want to appreciate the coastal views from afar, you can enjoy a nostalgic look at some of Britain’s best spots while staying on top of your upcoming schedule. 

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Slim Deluxe Diary 2022

You can help support the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the new year while keeping track of your commitments with this slim 2022 diary that should be easy to take with you, or stored in a top drawer.

Featuring a week-to-view layout for a broad look at your plans, there are a number of illustrations throughout to help you stay connected to nature wherever you are.

Woodland Trust Busy Life 2022 Diary

Behind this colourful cover is a 2022 diary made by the Woodland Trust to help you keep your busy life in order. It has a week-to-view design so you can get a good look at what’s coming up next year, with an elastic band that keeps the pages sealed when not in use.

It even has a handy loop so you’ll always have a pen within reach you should you need to quickly jot new appointments down. From each diary sold 50p also goes towards the Woodland Trust.


Cavallini 2022 The Beekeepers Guide Diary

If you’re buzzing with excitement for what the year ahead holds, you can jot down all your plans and details in this beekeeper designed diary from Cavallini. 

Behind the stunning cover is a week-view layout on matching yellow paper, with a section to keep any important addresses and notes, all kept neatly in place with an elastic band.

Seasalt Cornwall Diary 2022

Bring a sense of calm to your annual planning with this Cornwall inspired diary that features a Cornish illustration for each month of the year.

Made with a firm hardback cover, you’ll be able to take this durable diary with you to the coastline itself, or simply imagine the smell of salt in the air as you organise your dates and appointments in the week view style planner.

There should also be plenty of space to make additional notes, with a handy ribbon that will help you keep your place on the current date.

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British Wildlife in Art Diary 2022

Packed with paintings from British artist Robert Fuller, you can enter the new year alongside Britain’s beautiful wildlife with this A5 sized diary.

It has a weekly view option for a comprehensive look at what’s ahead, with room to write down essential events and notes. The illustrations also have information on each animal which will serve as a lovely piece of light reading so you can take a break from plotting your days, weeks and months ahead.