Best Electric Ranges of 2022

Whether you're looking for a single- or double-oven range, these top-scoring models will help you get dinner (and dessert!) on the table with ease and efficiency

By Paul Hope

In Consumer Reports’ tests, some ranges, or stoves, struggle just to hold a steady simmer or brown a sheet of cookies. In fact, there’s a staggering 43-point difference between the Overall Scores of the best and worst electric ranges in our tests.

“For electric ranges, we see some of the biggest differences in how well their ovens bake and broil,” says Tara Casaregola, CR’s test engineer in charge of ranges.

This article focuses exclusively on electric smooth-top ranges. They’re the most popular option of any range because they can be installed in any house with a 220-volt electric line. They’re also easier to clean than coil tops. And compared with induction ranges, electric smooth-top ranges are typically cheaper and will work with any kind of cookware.

Each year CR’s expert testers bake hundreds of cakes and cookies, and take thousands of precise temperature measurements to see how well every range that passes through our lab heats, bakes, and broils.

But we don’t stop at performance tests. We also survey members on whether their ranges have experienced a problem, so that we can calculate the predicted reliability for different range brands. And if you’re shopping for a new electric range because your old one broke, we have a calculator (and plenty of expert advice) on whether it makes more sense to repair or replace your broken range.

For more on ranges of all types, see our range buying guide. Consumer Reports members can read on for six of the best electric ranges from our tests. Members can also jump right to our electric range ratings to compare models. Below, we highlight the best single- and double-oven electric ranges in our ratings.

Best Electric Ranges: Single Oven

If you don’t find yourself cooking two things at once very often, single-oven models will typically save you some money. They also don’t require you to stoop as low as you would with a double-oven range when baking or broiling.

GE Profile PSS93YPFS

CR’s take: This single-oven electric smoothtop is the model to get if you don’t need a second oven. It’s a slide-in with all-digital controls and offers stellar performance, with ratings of Excellent for baking and oven capacity. It has convection and an air-fry mode in the oven, and a single high-powered burner on the cooktop.


CR’s take: This single-oven smoothtop range is an exceptionally strong performer at a great price. It’s far cheaper than the spiffier LG below, but it still heats fast and simmers steadily on top of the stove, earning a rating of Excellent in our cooktop high and low tests. It also bakes and broils evenly. There’s no convection mode, but you’ll find a warming element, along with two high-powered burners on the cooktop.


CR’s take: One of the best performers in our tests, this single-oven smoothtop range is a slide-in that heats quickly, simmers steadily, and bakes beautifully—earning a rating of Excellent in each of those tests. It has a convection mode, two high-powered burners, an air-fry setting, and a warming drawer beneath the main oven. Front-mounted controls give it a sleek look.

Best Electric Ranges: Double Oven

Double ovens typically combine a smaller oven on top with a larger oven on the bottom. They’re great when you need to bake two foods at once at different temperatures. There are some drawbacks, however, including the absence of a storage drawer.


CR’s take: A handsome slide-in model from LG, this range packs a lot in a sleek package. In addition to front-mounted controls, it offers solid performance, with ratings of Excellent for our cooktop high and low tests, as well as for broiling. This range has convection in both ovens, four burners, and a warming element. LG earns a predicted reliability rating of Very Good for its electric ranges based on data from Consumer Reports’ member surveys.

Samsung NE63T8751SG

CR’s take: If you want a connected oven, consider this tech-loaded double-oven electric range from Samsung. A slide-in partition in the oven allows you to bake food in two cavities at different temperatures; but you can also remove the partition to bake larger foods, like a turkey. This model also has onboard diagnostics as well as an app that allows you to check on your smartphone whether, say, you left a burner on. Performance is strong, too, with ratings of Excellent in both our cooktop low and high tests, and ovens that are great for baking and broiling. It has four burners and a warming element.


CR’s take: This handsome electric range with double convection ovens costs nearly $1,000 less than some of the competition and still has strong marks across the board, with a rating of Excellent for oven capacity, meaning you can fit plenty of food into each oven. It has two high-powered burners and a warming element on the stovetop. LG earns a predicted reliability rating of Very Good for its electric ranges based on data from Consumer Reports’ member surveys.

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