Charity Shop Find and ONS

Why are there so few recent posts with the label "charity shop finds"? I thought to myself, as I looked back through old posts.
 I always do a tour of the charity shops when I go food shopping to Stowmarket or Diss although 'looking' hasn't resulted in 'buying' much at all recently. 
But there was a good find in Diss last week, this Basildon Bond writing paper and envelopes are the same colour but the smaller size to the ones I had on my wish list and received for Christmas..They were in the Oxfam charity shop but un-priced, so I asked and happily paid 99p. I've put them in the drawer for now. I'll probably keep them or they might become a raffle prize for WI. (We all have to take something once or twice a year)


On Saturday morning I decided to do a 1 mile detour on my way home from a church visit and went in the Sue Ryder charity shop in Needham Market. They always have a huge selection of nice things although tend to be very expensive (I looked at a pair of 'Brand New With Tags' oven gloves - which were priced at £6 - which in my opinion is quite a lot for something that has been donated).

But a better find was a favourite  Herbal Essences shampoo for £1.50 and this big box of Duplo which will be ideal for Middle Grandsons 2nd birthday next week. It is labelled as "complete except for dog but has extra bricks" and was £8.
I had to think for a second if these prices were cheaper than new and decided Yes (I was right when I looked them up online  and found the shampoo is usually £2 and the Duplo train is £15ish)

 The pricing in charity shops often puzzles me and the £70 pound! for a set of slate table mats that I saw in the EACH charity shop in Diss seemed rather excessive.

The postman brought me a free cloth bag from the Office of National Statistics along with the code

to do another online survey. This will be the 3rd one I've done, all have been connected with finding out peoples response to covid. I should receive another £10 voucher sometime. I'll be passing the bag onto a charity shop as I always seem to get in a tangle trying to load these cloth bags with long handles.

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