Cross Stitch Finish

On Tuesday I happen to have the day off of childcare.  I was only supposed to have two kids during the day and two more after school.  One was off with a Covid scare and I ended asking the other family if they minded if I just took the day off.  They were fine with that so that’s what I did.  I still had the two after-school kiddos but it left me with a big chunk of the day to do whatever I wanted.

Kalissa messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to town with her.  Well, I didn’t but I still needed a Christmas present for Georgia.  I knew what I wanted and had been to several stores and couldn’t find it.  I hadn’t been to the town Kalissa was suggesting so I said I’d ride along if she didn’t mind.

They were happy to have me.

Kalissa made me stop and go to the chiropractor.  I’m glad she did as my neck was out of wack and it was making my sore shoulder even worse.  I ended up with problems after I painted the ceiling in Karl’s house.  Lesson learned.  No more ceiling painting for this girl.  I’d say now I feel noticeably better.  I’m so glad.

Then Kalissa treated me to a thrift store stop.  I ended up getting this basket.  I had a cross-stitch piece that has needed finishing.  I thought this basket might work.  I didn’t know if I liked the bow and had planned to take it off.

Then I set the piece by the basket and decided I liked the bow with the cross-stitch piece.

This thrift store is more expensive than my usual so I had to pay $3 for the basket but I was hoping it would work.

Check out the picture below…Does the color of the “A” look perfect with the bow?

I ended up mounting the cross stitch piece on sticky board and then hot gluing the piece to the basket.  Before I glued it down, I had to carefully round the cross-stitch piece so it would curve to the basket.

I ended up really liking it.  I did move the bow up higher on the basket.  It’s a simple finish but sometimes simple is okay.

It only took me about 10 minutes to do.  Oh why, oh why, do I not tackle projects right away??  That will forever be something I struggle with.

This was a Lizzie Kate cross stitch piece.  Sadly I don’t remember the name.  I am wondering if it was a bonus chart in a boxer pattern.  Hmm.  I do know I stitched this with the called for colors on a lower count…like 32 count fabric.

If I stitched this nowadays…I would have changed the colors to deeper colors like making the pinks more reddish.

I’m happy with it and glad to have another finished piece.  I’m so glad it isn’t sitting in a drawer anymore.