Elegant master closet with dual islands

2022 Top Shelf Design Awards

Designer: Cynthia Padden, Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets

Category: Closet: Laminate Over 18 linear ft. 

Project Title: The Next Level 

Project Description: 

Valet presents a stunning 359 square foot, showcase master closet with dual islands. This closet offers over 60 feet of hanging enclosed behind tall modern textured doors with commanding eighteen-inch-long black pulls and box molding to the ceiling. There is a stylish window bench on the West wall with deep under drawer storage and two pull-out caddie belt holders to house up to 70 belts on the left and a bifold complementary style door for shelf storage on the right. The closet's 8-foot high structure is textured Sommet Series -Sunset Cruise with Fossil TFL backs with 8-inch square accent lights at the South end of the room behind framed, fog glass doors. Each side of the glass-framed doors is flanked by two tall, double-sided pull-out tie caddies for 150 ties, and the remaining fourth side is designed to accommodate up to 44 additional belts. The islands each have a classy chandelier above and the top drawers are velvet lined. The countertops have a 12-inch wide strip of Blackened Chestnut HPL that runs through the center of the room to add visual interest and complement the majestic trees that can be seen from the window. The North end of the room is a massive shoe wall for 77 pairs of shoes with fossil backs and two valet rods for convenience. The west wall has a centered 11 shelf hat storage area with a full-length mirror on each side. Other attributes of this closet include built-in laundry bags and a valet tray. This closet feels elegant, yet functional. Its capacity and grand scale really take it to the next level. 

Project Construction Details: 

Closet construction with full-backs and no exposed fasteners. 3/4" thick shelving, dovetail wood drawer boxes with the concealed under-mount soft-close track, soft-close door hinges. Trimmed to sides and base molding. 

Materials Used: 

Sunset Cruise Sommet Textured TFL (thermal fused laminate) for structure, door and drawer fronts, Solid Color Fossil TFL for backs, Fog Glass in Framed doors. 8" x 8" LED square lights with related drivers. 18-inch and 6-inch long black pulls hardware. Oil Rubbed Bronze Valet Rods, Island Countertops in Sunset Cruise Sommet Textured TFL with Blackened Chestnut HPL. Boxing and Base Trim and window seat counter in 3⁄4" Sunset Cruise Sommet Textured TFL. 

Equipment and/or Software Used: 

Cabinet Vision V11 Software Holzma Panel Saw
Weeke CNC
Holz-Her Edgebander