Ep 248: 5 Easy Steps to Amplify your Passion in Midlife

Ep 248: 5 Easy Steps to Amplify your Passion in Midlife


What You’ll Learn About 5 Easy Steps to Amplify Your Passions in Midlife:

  • What the 5 easy steps to amplify your passion in midlife are.
  • Why it can be hard to give yourself permission to embrace what you’re passionate about.
  • Why it’s common to feel resistance regarding doing what you want.
  • Why you may experience regret if you don’t embrace your passion.
  • Why planning and commitment are critical.
  • Why awareness of how you relate to these signs can help you change your life.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Learning how to amplify your passion in midlife is a skill you won’t regret. The funny thing about focusing on your passion is that even though you want to, it’s not always that easy to accomplish.

There are several reasons why actually focusing on and prioritizing what you’re passionate about is difficult. Many midlife women don’t know what they’re passionate about. Getting past this and feeling free and confident to be intentional this way is an amazing goal.

Join us to learn more about 5 easy ways to amplify what you’re passionate about in midlife. Be more clear, have more fun, feel fulfilled and avoid regrets!

Please enjoy this episode!

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