EPOS ADAPT 200 Series Review

EPOS, the premium enterprise and gaming audio brand, recently announced the launch of the ADAPT 200 Series – a line of four variations of headsets designed to accommodate the shifting requirements of working professionals. TWICE was able to test out the ADAPT 231 and the ADAPT 260 recently, and we’re extremely impressed with the comfort and high level of audio quality these headsets provide.

Design & Features

Certified for Microsoft Teams and UC optimized, the ADAPT 200 series provides versatility, flexibility and high audio quality for home workers, students and anyone needing to upgrade their audio experience during video conferencing.

The ADAPT 200 series is designed with a focus on versatility, and the four ADAPT 200 variants are ideal for use across office, home, remote and travel environments. These Bluetooth headsets are lightweight and comfortable, with the padded leatherette ear cups fitting nicely over your ears and an adjustable fit on the headband.


The ADAPT 260 and 261 are on-ear, double-sided Bluetooth headsets with stereo sound while the ADAPT 230 and 231 headsets have a single ear cup, allowing you to hear your surroundings easily. All ADAPT 200 models have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button for quick app access and a volume slider button on the right headphone. The boom arm rotates the noise-cancelling microphone easily into place and up out of the way when not needed.

ADAPT 261 and 231 connect to computers via USB-C, while the ADAPT 260 and 230 connect with a USB dongle – be sure to order the right connector! Beyond the mono-ear cup style there really isn’t a difference in quality between the models. You can expect high-quality audio clarity, thanks to EPOS Voice™ technology that delivers a natural listening experience and EPOS ActiveGard® that shields you from unpleasant acoustic shock like a colleague logging onto the meeting with their mic volume all the way up, or their beloved dog deciding to speak up in the meeting unexpectedly.


TWICE has tested EPOS headsets from higher and lower level series, so we tried hard to find any faults or differences with the ADAPT 231 and ADAPT 260 – and we’re pleased to report that we didn’t encounter any. We enjoyed crisp conversations – both on the speaking and receiving sides during our testing video calls. Having a Bluetooth connection eliminated any annoying wires, and the batteries lasted a full day without needing a recharge taking calls and listening to music.


Speaking of music, the ADAPT 231 and ADAPT 260 performed well with a wide variety of music genres, and they delivered great sound with hardly any sound bleed into the workspace to annoy coworkers (or significant others). The double-sided headsets (260/261) of course sounded better overall with two speakers, but the single-ear models (230/231) also delivered clear calls and quality audio. This is great news for professionals who need to keep an ear open for surrounding conversations.

One great feature we really like about the ADAPT 200 series is that the headband doesn’t adjust – the ear cups do. We’ve tested a lot of headphones and headsets, and the weak point is always the headband. The ear cups on the ADAPT 200’s slide up and down, allowing you to find the perfect comfort angle, without messing with a fragile headband.

The ADAPT 200 series are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear the entire workday. When not in use, the ear cups fold flat for easier storage on your desk, or in a drawer. And EPOS includes a carrying pouch to help keep the headset safe. With a price tag of $179 for the 260/261 models, and $169 for the 230/231, the ADAPT 200 series is very affordable, especially for the level of sound quality you get with these headsets.


The EPOS ADAPT 200 series headsets are a great investment for telecommuting and on the go professionals or students who need reliable, quality audio. We highly recommend them for their excellent call clarity, comfort and affordability.

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