Finding Beauty, Even in our Isolation

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc upon our society. It’s more than difficult finding beauty in our isolation. Businesses shut down, jobs furloughed, nursing homes and hospitals shut off from visitors and loved ones, schools closed, graduations and weddings and funerals canceled, families forced to stay home.

Anxiety is high, and rightly so. This has not been easy, not for anyone.

And I haven’t even mentioned those who have contracted the disease! What stress and worry must those folks and their loved ones be feeling.

Especially for those who HAVE lost loved ones, due to the virus or any other matter, my sincere condolences. I just buried my beloved Aunt Jean last week – though not due to Coronavirus. But any time you lose a loved one, it is a heartbreaking situation.

While I recognize and FEEL those things with you, I hope to bring a bit of POSITIVITY and HOPE to you today!

“…there are always the Helpers, and there is always Good to be found.”

As with the tornado a couple of weeks ago, or any natural disaster, there are always the Helpers, and there is always some GOOD to be found. I’d like to take a few moments to share some GOOD that I’ve found to come out of this difficult time of social distancing and self-quarantine. Let’s find the beauty, even in our isolation.

Home by Hattan’s Top Ten Positives to come out of our Coronavirus Quarantine

10. Forced to Count our Blessings.

If this time of isolation and fear and worry haven’t put things into perspective for us, I’m not sure what will! We are now much more mindful of how lucky we are to have each other, to have a roof over our heads, a job that pays the bills and the ability to work, food to eat, and yes, EVEN DISPOSABLE TOILET PAPER!

We now know just how important our friends are to us, and how much our family members mean to us. We miss them when we can’t get together!

We also know that we care about one another. So much so, that we are postponing or canceling huge life events, and staying home, away from those most vulnerable.

We mean something to each other! And that is a blessing!

We have people to love! And that is a blessing!

We have a safe, warm, dry place to “Shelter in Place!” And that is truly something to be grateful for!

Spring is just around the corner, and we are still enough to appreciate the blooms and blossoms, the green grass, the sunshine, and the new life that Springtime promises.

9. Family Dinners are once again a thing.

When school was in session, there were practices and games and rehearsals and lessons and performances and therapy sessions and choir practice and youth group and all the things AFTER school and work … and that’s just the kids’ schedule.  Grownups had committee meetings and exercise class and Book Club and Small Group and travel out of town for work – not to mention carpool to all the things listed above!  Family dinners, in which everyone was present, just weren’t happening as much as anyone liked.  Now we get to gather around the table together.  (The whining over the food may still be there, but at least we’re all there.)

Even if you live alone, you know this is a good thing.  There are so many studies touting the benefits of the Family Table, stats proving the more a family eats together, the healthier the children are – physically and mentally and emotionally – and that is good for everyone in society. (see studies by The American College of Pediatricians, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University,  The Journal of Adolescent Health for starters …)

8. Grandmas have been forced to learn technology!

If Mee-Maw wants to connect with her grands, she’s gotta’ learn to text, Facetime, or Zoom!  Learn it, Grandma, and you’ll never be bored or lonely for long! (that goes for you too, Gramps!)

You can do it, Grandma!!

7. Our pets are never lonely!

Cats may not feel the same way … or at least they are not showing it. But even the cats are glad their servants are home to cater to them.

Sorry, but I have to include this one below — it’s just too good not to share:

6. Home-Improvement Projects are being accomplished!

That bedroom that needed a fresh coat of paint?  That cabinet door that hung crookedly?  That fence panel you’ve been meaning to replace?  Fixed, fixed, and fixed!

That junk drawer that needed organizing?  That closet that needed cleaning out?  Done!

Just be careful, many home improvement projects can go mysteriously wrong! 😉

OOOPS!! If this happens to you, better call Karen at Home by Hattan! 😊  (615-202-2721)

I would love to help you (ahem) fix your lighting, choose a paint color, set up your work stations at home, redecorate your Bonus Room or Master Bedroom – whatever you need!  And I can do this virtually!  THANK GOD FOR TECHNOLOGY!!!!

Speaking of technology…

5. Self-Improvement Projects are being accomplished!

Because of technology, we have established ways to exercise, learn, work, and connect from our own homes.  Thank God this pandemic hit us during this Digital Age.  We have exercise programs we can access from home, we can get coaching AND recipes for healthy food choices right at our fingertips, we can learn a new language, take up a new hobby, just about anything! 

This isolation time has given us time to reflect and time to accomplish some goals that maybe we just didn’t get around to before.

I personally have found some wonderful online workouts, and have made time to do them every morning. 

I have found time to listen to some self-improvement podcasts that have been in my queue and consequently had some great self-reflection time.  I have spent time with God, and I have journaled, which I haven’t done in years!

This self-isolation has forced me to re-evaluate the way I do business, improving my processes to work virtually.  I now am better equipped to offer online Design (E-Design), color selection, and other virtual services.  And I am listening more to YOU, my clients, and determining how best to serve you and your needs.

And because of technology, I am able to continue working on my Design Projects! And I am able to stay in touch with my clients, my Design Coach, my family and my friends.

4. Families are re-connecting and re-engaging.

Y’all. My teenager is talking to me! My college-aged son is within my arm’s reach! These are Coronavirus Quarantine Miracles!

Families are at home together.

Special moments with the little ones are not missed, because Mom and Dad are at home with baby.

Families are playing games together, watching movies together, cooking and learning and working together. Yes, probably whining and fighting a little too, but overall, good memories are being made.

Nobody will forget this time in their lives, that’s for certain!

3. Binge Watching!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY! We are catching up on those TV episodes we’ve recorded! We can binge-watch that series everyone is talking about!


2. We are cooking more!

Studies have shown that when you cook your own meals, you have better control over your nutrition, better portion control, and usually you enjoy your food more!  (I mean, you’re not going to spend time, effort, and money making food you don’t enjoy, right?)

We are learning new recipes and the teens at home are learning new life skills when they help cook!

Bonus to cooking our own meals at home:  it saves money.  It really is cheaper to eat at home than to eat at a restaurant.  One caveat to this, though — I want us to support our local restaurants and shops.  If you regularly frequent a restaurant, please consider ordering take-out from them during this time, at least once every week or two.  We need to keep our small businesses afloat!

Which leads me to this —

And finally, the #1 Positive Thing about our Quarantine:

1. COMMUNITY.  Yes, ironically, even through isolation, we are building community!

Some of you may have seen this going around … but this is the truth: Truckers are getting supplies to the stores. People are stocking the shelves at night and letting our senior citizens shop first. Carnival Cruise line told Trump “We can match those big Navy Hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships.” GM said, “Hold our cars and watch this; we can make those ventilators where we were making cars starting next week.” Women and children are making homemade masks and handing out snacks to truckers. Restaurants and schools said, “We’ve got kitchens and staff; we can feed kids.” Churches are holding on-line services and taking care of their members and community. NBA basketball players said, “Hold our basketballs while we write checks to pay the arena staff.” Construction companies said, “Here are some masks for the medical staff and doctors.” Breweries are making sanitizer out of the left-over ingredients. We thought we couldn’t live without Baseball, NASCAR, NBA or going to the beach, restaurants or a bar. Instead, we’re trying to keep those businesses open by ordering take-out. 

We are all in this together. We have each other’s backs.

What good can YOU do?

What beauty can YOU see?

How can you spread hope and love today?

And if you need that hope and love a little extra today, please do reach out.  You matter and I am here for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this big dose of hope and positivity! Drink it up!

(Oh yeah, I have a number 11, I guess … Las Palmas is allowing to-go margaritas with their take-out dinners!! Thank you, Lord!)

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