Have You Seen this Milwaukee Utility Knife Before?

Milwaukee Fixed Blade Utility Knife in Use 48-22-1513

I came across the Milwaukee 48-22-1513 utility knife this week and thought to myself – ooh that’s new and different.

Looking deeper, this is a fixed blade knife with metal body, tool-free blade change, lanyard hole, overmold grip, and internal storage for up to 5 spare blades.

This looks interesting, right?

Milwaukee Fixed Blade Utility Knife 48-22-1513

But then I noticed the blade doesn’t retract – this is a fixed blade knife. OH. Fixed blade, as in non-retracting, as opposed to non-folding.

I took a quick look in my inbox and found the press release; it seems Milwaukee launched this utility knife a full 3 years ago, in November 2019.


I own a single fixed blade knife, a silver-bodied Stanley that I equipped with an incredibly hard-to-find plastic scoring blade. I’m not sure where it is right now, as I started using other scoring tools a few years ago.

I would feel about missing the existence of this style of knife, but my local Home Depot stores don’t carry it either. I can find all of the different types of Milwaukee’s FastBack folding utility knives at local stores, plus their non-folding retractable knife, but not this one.

That leads me to wonder – have you seen this Milwaukee utility knife before? How likely are you to buy a fixed utility knife?

For me, the exposed blade is a no-go. I could easily store it in a drawer, but I am so accustomed to closing and carrying all manners or retractable and folding blades; I simply wouldn’t know how to work with a fixed knife like this.

Am I missing out?

Price: $8-10 (regularly $10, on sale at the time of this posting for $8)