How To Maintain An Organized Closet This Fall

Fall weather means layers, warm coats, and comfy boots. With all of these extra accessories, are you struggling to maintain an organized closet this fall? Here are a few tips to make sure you stay warm while keeping your closet clutter-free.

Storing Bulky Sweaters and Jackets

Cold weather is incomplete without fluffy jackets and warm sweaters. However, these bulky items can take up your precious storage space if stored incorrectly. If you fold these items, they will quickly take over your closet shelving without leaving enough room for other clothes. Moreover, bulkier jackets may be unstable when folded and fall from your shelves, creating more of a mess and hassle.

Storing bulky coat

We recommend you hang your bulky jackets and sweaters as much as possible. Try arranging them in order of density with your lightest jackets on one end and heavier on the other. This technique helps you quickly access and see your outerwear, without accidentally hiding a thin sweater behind a puffy jacket. By hanging your bulky clothes, you also ensure that your clothes stay clean and in good condition. This method helps you take care of and protect your favorite fall and winter clothing.

Displaying Your Shoes

Although you wear shoes every day, they can be a hassle to store! Avoid keeping your fall boots and rain shoes in their original boxes. Doing so makes it difficult to access your shoes (especially when the boxes are stacked on top of each other). Moreover, these cardboard boxes will eventually deteriorate. By displaying your shoes, you’ll have a better idea of what shoes you own and you will have easier access to them.

To display your shoes, we highly recommend an open shoe shelf that can be installed into your existing closet or a shoe cabinet. Specific shelving for shoes is a great idea to show off your collection while remaining neat. When each pair of shoes has its own space, it encourages you to put them back. This strategy helps you avoid creating a pile of shoes on your floors!

Fall shoe organization system

Organizing Accessories

When it’s fall, it’s time to bring out your scarves, hats, and gloves. Like any other clothes, you can easily organize them to avoid creating clutter. In a closet drawer, try storing folded hats and gloves vertically. Folding helps keep pairs of gloves together and saves space in your drawer system. Also, storing your items vertically allows you to grab them without hassle. Scarves can be folded as well or stored on hangers like pairs of pants. Keep your accessories organized and ready to go with these organization tips!

Your fall wardrobe doesn’t have to clutter your closet. Follow these simple tips to stay organized, well-dressed, and cozy. Are you looking for ways to further elevate your closet storage system? Closet & Storage Concepts has you covered. Book a free closet and storage design consultation today!

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